What Makes A Top Travel Agent?

Tips on becoming a top travel agent


Richard Earls of TRO gave a fascinating presentation in the waning hours of the OSSN Home-Based Travel Agent Show here in Atlantic City. He cited seven key characteristics based on interviews with travel agents rated the best in the biz by a variety of sources.

Here they are:

Passion. Kinda goes without saying. You need to love this industry.

Niche. Even if it wasn’t all they did, top agents developed a specialty in a niche that gave them a local or national reputation for their expertise.

Relationships. Top agents get to know their clients; they are people not just names on an account folder.

Sell Yourself. Top agents realize that they are the product. Customers desire a satisfying experience when dealing with any service provider.

Train Your Clients. Top travel agents are not intimidated by their clients. They have a way of doing business and they explain both the whats and the whys to their clients. Do they lose some clients? Yep, the pains in the neck.

Value ≠ Cost. Top agents know the difference between value and cost. They will discuss value, but they never sell on cost.

Research Fees. Top performing travel agents use fees as gateway mechanisms. They might be “plan-to-go” fees that will be applied to the finished booking, or they might be pure travel planning fees in addition to commissions. Either way, they serve to qualify serious customers and avoid time-wasting tirekickers.

Then he added an eighth characteristic.

Authentic. The very best travel agents live out their core values in everything they do. The result is that clients recognize them as “the real deal” and not merely as someone trying to sell them something, anything.

Maybe I enjoyed Richard’s presentation so much, because it mirrors exactly what I teach in my course. ;-)

But, seriously, he’s right on the money and, if you truly want to succeed as a home-based travel agent, you will be wise to heed Richard’s wise words.

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