Vacation Time Increasing For Americans

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“Americans Are Vacationing More Now Than At Any Point Since 2010” read the headline in the travel trade press.

Vacation time is the lifeblood of most travel agencies, so that is great news for travel agents. Your current clients, your prospects, and folks in your town you’ve never met haven’t been this receptive to taking a trip for a long time!

The good news comes from a study done by the Project: Time Off Coalition, a travel industry initiative “committed to changing the thinking and behavior of Americans about vacation time.”

According to the study, the average vacation time for Americans was 17.2 days. This index has been rising slowly, so when a half-day jump was seen in 2017, the coalition partners rejoiced.

Of course, there’s more work to be done. 52% of Americans don’t use all their vacation time and 24% haven’t taken a vacation in a year. And America lags far behind Europe where four weeks of paid vacation time is the norm.

Are you a vacation time evangelist?

There’s not much we, as travel agents, can do about corporate policies on vacation time, but we can become “brand ambassadors” for the awareness Project: Time Off is trying to build.

I know one travel agent who wears Hawaiian shirts to public meetings, even in the dead of winter. It’s a subtle way of saying, “Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere else? I can help you get there.” Another agent has her mini van wrapped in the advertising of a prominent all-inclusive resort chain, thus promoting vacation time 24/7.

I think most of us honestly believe that taking ample vacation time — the kind you need to recharge your batteries — is good for one’s mental health. Spreading that message should be a natural.

The fact that helping others unwind and recharge can provide a very good living is just icing on the cake.

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