Travel As A Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day encourages romantic travel


Love is in the air, I guess, so I found the latest news from the U.S.Travel Association fascinating.

Turns out Valentine’s Day could be one of the best days of the year to make some high-end bookings.

  • Nearly two-thirds of couples (63%) surveyed say a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance in their relationship than large or small gifts.
  • Just one-third (36%) viewed receiving small gifts the same way.
  • And only 15% rated getting big gifts like jewelry as important to improving romance.

But wait, it gets better.


The same survey found that:

  • More than eight in ten (83%) of those who travel as a couple say the romance is still alive in their relationship.
  • Fully seven in ten (72%) of the couples surveyed believe traveling inspires romance.
  • Nearly two in three couples (65%) say being romantic is an important reason to travel with their partner.

Here’s an idea for travel agents: Host a Valentine’s Day party with a theme like “Where Do Lovers Go?” or “Getaway To Love”. Make it clear to your invitees that you want to encourage them to “give each other the gift of romantic travel this Valentine’s Day.” No one likes to feel they’ve been lured into some sort of sales pitch under false pretenses.

Have some prepicked suggestions ranging from weekend getaways within driving distance, to a week at a couples’ resort in the Caribbean, to a Tahitian Islands cruise.

Of course, if a couple decides they’d like to revisit Rome, where they honeymooned, don’t talk them out of it.

It’s time to stop thinking of that calendar on the wall as a list of dates and start thinking about it as your marketing program!

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