Travel, Travel, Travel

By Kelly Monaghan

I received an interesting email from Karen L. in response to my series on involving a spouse in the travel business.

Karen wrote of trying to interest her husband in the business with little success. In retrospect, she realized that what she should have done was take more fam trips!

What a great idea, and it doesn’t apply just to helping budge a reluctant spouse off square one. Extensive travel, combined with learning experiences and seminars via fam trips, is an excellent introduction to this exciting business. In the process, you can forge important relationships with suppliers and their BDMs. These good people live to help you sell their products!

These trips don’t need to be expensive, either. Thanks to the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course, Karen knew how to find low-cost educational fam trips. She was even offered a number of lodging fams absolutely free!

On the subject of involving your spouse, here’s another

Set yourself a goal: Organize two trips each year that will at least pay for themselves or, better yet, put money in your pocket. That might seems daunting to a beginner, but it’s not as hard as it seems. And even if you try to fill a group cruise quota and fail, the commissions on cabins you do sell effectively reduce your own fare. Of course, if the group is filled, you (and your spouse!)  travel free.

One of Karen’s specialties is river cruises and many river cruise lines consider five cabins a “group” so putting together a group cruise at very attractive prices is even easier. Since you and your spouse will occupy one cabin that means you need to find just four other couples to join you!

After you’ve had some initial success, you might go for more such trips each year — three… or four!

Once your reluctant spouse has enjoyed several of these trips and sees how easy it is to travel “free” he (or she) may become an enthusiastic partner in your travel business.

But what if your spouse is not to be moved? Well, don’t let that stop you. If your marriage is on solid ground, then your spouse will want you to be happy and vice versa. If you’re happy selling travel and your spouse is happy NOT selling travel and you are both happy for each other, then all’s well.

Happy travels!


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