Travel Hacks For Your Clients (and You)


Seems like a whole cottage industry has grown up around the idea of “hacks” – clever little ideas that are quick and easy to implement and that solve a nagging annoyance or just make life a little easier.

Here are some I’ve come across that you might want to share with your clients or even implement yourself.

Plastic straws make nifty (and compact) containers for skincare products.
The only downside is that you need a heat sealer to implement this hack
plastic straws for toiletries

Forget the room safe. Use empty Chapstick tubes instead
Chapstick tubes as travel safes

Finally! A use for those old, ugly eyeglass containers.
Eyeglass cases for travel

Those big binder clips can save your razor.
Binder clips for travel

Use a pot holder to store that curling iron.
Pot holders for travel

Pack your soap and wash cloth together by making this simple case
soap pouch for travel

Sometimes I forget to bring the charging plug for my cell phone.
Hotel TV as phone charger

You probably haven’t used one of these since sleepaway camp.
Soap container as camera case

They aren’t just for pills. (Don’t steal grandpa’s!)

Pill sorter as travel aid

You can take shower caps from hotel bathrooms and put them to use on your shoes.
Shower cap as shoe protector for travel

Tic Tac containers are great for holding hair pins.
Tic Tac containers as storage for travel

H/T HuffPo

These all came from Pinterest (just click on any image above to see the source) and there’s a lot more where these came from, believe me.

In fact, if you are on Pinterest, travel hacks like these make a great idea for one of your boards. If you’re not on Pinterest, you might want to consider signing up.

But fair warning: This sort of stuff can be habit forming!

Oh yes, only final “hack.” This one is for travel agents.

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