The Travel Business Is Booming


The travel business is looking better and better. Hard on the heels of the State of the Union comes the State of the Travel Industry, courtesy of U.S. Travel Association President Roger Dow. Apparently it will be an annual thing going forward.

First, some background. USTA is a lobbying organization based in Washington, DC, (where else?) that represents and advocates for the interests of a broad swath of the travel business in this country. That includes state tourism offices, local CVBs, colleges and universities with travel and tourism departments, and a grab bag of transportation companies, cruise lines, hotel chains, in short, just about anyone whose livelihood depends on the travel business.

Interestingly enough, airlines are under-represented in the Member Directory (although there are a number of airports) and the travel agent community is not represented at all.

You will also note an emphasis on inbound tourism, that is, visits to the United States by folks from around the world. That makes sense because USTA’s membership is almost entirely U.S.-based. Unfortunately, despite the globalization of commerce due to the Internet, U.S. travel agents still can’t book travel for foreigners.

With that as preamble, here is Mr. Dow:

State of the Travel Industry – 2015 from U.S. Travel on Vimeo.

What this means for your travel business

Here, I think, are the key takeaways for us home-based travel agents. And it’s all good news, for the travel business in general and our travel business in particular.

The economy is strong and growing stronger

Despite a stunning lack of support from Congress, good old American gumption has brought the economy back from the depths of the Depression (sorry, the “Great Recession”). As Dow says, this means more people have money in their pockets and are willing to spend it. Time to sell more upgrades?

The dollar is strong versus other currencies

For most travelers, the saving won’t kick in until they land overseas and start buying in the local currency. But if you are in a position to deal directly with overseas suppliers (Careful! This is an advanced strategy) you should be able to offer better pricing to your clients. Or add to your bottom line. Or both!

Gas is cheap … at least for now

For me this means selling more weekend getaways to resorts within a comfortable driving distance. It also means my drive market for cruises has expanded.

2.1 billion domestic trips last year

Wow! That’s billion with a B! And Dow predicts the travel business will break new records in 2015. Let your friends tell you you can’t make money as a travel agent while you laugh all the way to the bank.

[ctt title=”2.1 billion domestic trips last year. Wow! That\’s billion with a B.” tweet=”2.1 billion domestic trips last year. Wow! That’s billion with a B.” coverup=”kD0A9″]

This is a great time to become a home-based, independent travel agent

If you haven’t made the decision to become a home-based travel agent, why not join the booming travel business today, backed of course by the best training program on the Internet.

If you’re already a travel agent, then full speed ahead. Like Dow says, “2015 holds incredible promise for the travel industry. Let’s make it another banner year for travel.”


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