Consultation Fees for Travel Agents

by Kelly Monaghan Most people (and most travel agents for that matter) think of travel agents as salespeople. They sell something (i.e. they make a booking) and they get paid a commission. That’s true as far as it goes, but travel agents, especially home-based travel agents, can be much more than order takers or salespeople.…

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Shore Excursions and the Home-Based Travel Agent

shore excursions

by Kelly Monaghan Shore excursions are a major cost factor for your cruising customers. They can also be an important contributor to your bottom line when you become a travel agent. But shore excursions are a mixed blessing and require some careful thinking on the part of every home-based travel agent. So I thought I…

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It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Travel Dream

Never too late to become a travel agent

by Kelly Monaghan I’ve always maintained that age is no barrier to success as a travel agent. In fact, being a home-based travel agent is a great second (or third, or fourth) career for those contemplating retirement. So if you are of <ahem> a certain age and are wondering if becoming a travel agent is…

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The Lure of Luxury Travel

luxury travel in the haven

by Kelly Monaghan Luxury travel is one of my favorite specialties and it’s getting a lot of attention these days. Of course there are many ways to specialize as a home-based travel agent — by destination, by mode of transportation, by activity, by demographics, by psychographics, the list goes on. But luxury travel has a…

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Congress Hates Your Clients

unhappy client

by Kelly Monaghan The bozos … <cough, cough> … I mean the distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the United States Senate have reaffirmed their hatred for Americans who, unlike them, are condemned to fly in coach. An amendment to H.R. 636 would have required airlines to give passengers larger seats and more legroom. But by…

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When Will I See A Profit As A Home-Based Travel Agent?

Where's the profit?

by Kelly Monaghan Here’s a question I got recently: About how long will it take to see a profit from this business? I am asking for a ball park time frame if you can gauge such. Hoo boy! I suppose I could really annoy this person by saying “There’s really no way to answer that…

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Boarding Passes – What To Tell Your Clients

boarding passes image

Boarding Passes Contain Sensitive Information by Kelly Monaghan Boarding passes may seem like just another bit of junk paper to toss as soon as they’ve served their purpose, but those boarding passes contain information that can be useful to bad guys and harmful to you. The vulnerability in these passes lies in that QR code, the…

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Handy Hotel Reference Tool [Infographic]

hotel reference tool

Hotel Facts at Your Fingertips by Kelly Monaghan I like hotels. After all these years, I still have the same sense of fun and adventure that I had as a kid whenever I enter a fancy hotel with all sorts of cool amenities. But I especially enjoy the way hotels can add a nice steady…

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How To Be A Bad Travel Agent

The 10-Step Guide To Doing Everything Wrong by Kelly Monaghan Veteran travel industry journalist James Shillinglaw of Travel Market Report has created a sort of Baedecker to common errors that travel agents make again and again. Even good agents make some of these errors some of the time, so listening to Shillinglaw’s observations is a good idea,…

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Social Media Tips: What’s The Best Time To Post?

Social Media Tips on Timing by Kelly Monaghan Social media is like a cocktail party, they say. It’s a time to get to know people, not “seal the deal.” So all the experts agree that when it comes to posting on social media your strategy should be the same as at a cocktail party: Be…

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