Emergency Abroad. Who Ya Gonna Call?

homer's emergency

by Kelly Monaghan If your clients encounter an emergency abroad it can be a profoundly unsettling experience. Of course, you have sold everyone you send on any trip, overseas or not, appropriate travel insurance. You have haven’t you? Good. That way, when an emergency abroad happens, your clients will have protection. However, any emergency abroad…

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Americans Spend $100 Billion On Summer Travel

summer travel beckons

Summer Travel Is Hot, Hot, HOT. by Kelly Monaghan Summer travel is the lifeblood of most travel agents, so the results of a recent survey about summer travel plans by a major insurer should be music to your ears. For the first time, Americans will spend more that $100 billion on summer travel — $101.1…

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Million Dollar Travel Agents

million dollar travel agents make bags of money

You can learn a lot from million dollar travel agents by Kelly Monaghan TravelAge West and Travel Weekly recently hosted a conference in Las Vegas that featured a round table of million dollar travel agents. I was pleased to see that among them was Beci Mahnken, of MEI Travel, who got started in her career…

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Have you ever been charged with DUI?

Canada dui

by Kelly Monaghan “Have you ever had a DUI?” Wow! Asking someone if they’ve ever been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol is a pretty nervy thing for a travel agent to do. After all, is this the sort of thing that one person asks another — out of a clear blue sky…

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Marketing Travel To Boomers (NSFW)

Marketing Travel To Boomers Can Be Sexy by Kelly Monaghan I’m a big believer in marketing travel to boomers. Maybe that’s because I’m a boomer myself. But it’s also because baby boomers are a big . . . no, make that a huge chunk of the traveling public. There are many ways to appeal to…

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I Don’t Want To Sell Cruises

sell cruises

“But I don’t want to sell just cruises” by Kelly Monaghan That was the complaint I received recently from a would-be home-based travel agent. I was confused because nowhere is it written that a home-based travel agent can sell only cruises. (Although many of them do just that!) A few questions cleared up my confusion.…

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More Than Half of All Travel Agents Are Home-Based

by Kelly Monaghan Here’s some great news! According to the Travel Corporation, a conglomerate that owns a slew of travel brands including some major tour operators, today more than half of all travel agents in the U.S. are home-based. That’s pretty darned impressive and it gives me great pleasure. When I first started telling the…

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You Can’t Trust TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor article

TripAdvisor doesn’t even pretend to be trusted anymore. by Kelly Monaghan I simply do not trust TripAdvisor. Maybe you feel the same way. Trouble is, many of your clients do trust TripAdvisor. In fact they may think it is their best source of travel information. I have been thinking for some time that maybe I…

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This is NOT a Travel Agent License

not a travel agent license

by Kelly Monaghan There is some misinformation out there on the Interwebs, posted by someone who should know better, that I’d like to clear up. And while I’m at it, I’d like to do a little ranting. My apologies in advance. Here’s the problem: Several U.S. states have so-called “seller of travel laws.” The misinterpretation…

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Want to quit your job, but think you can’t?

Quit Your Job

by Kelly Monaghan I heard recently from someone who was avidly studying the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course, but who felt that she was being “held back.” Why? The answer was, “I’ve been in a job that I don’t like for 22 years, but I make $57,000 a year.” It’s hard to quit your job,…

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