Presenting Travel Products To Your Clients


Presenting Travel — A Simple Method by Kelly Monaghan As with so much of what we discuss on this site, presenting the wonderful benefits of the travel products you sell will be a lot easier if you approach the task in a professional and orderly fashion. First of all, let’s define some terms. A “travel…

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Understanding Features, Functions, and Benefits


Understanding features, functions, and benefits by Kelly Monaghan Features, Functions, Benefits are key to selling travel One of the keys to successful selling is understanding the difference among features, functions, benefits and how they relate to needs. Let’s start off with some working definitions. Needs A need is something for which a prospect or customer…

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Host Agency Exclusivity And You


Host Agency Exclusivity — Is It Legal? by Kelly Monaghan You should be aware that some host agencies will try to tell you that you and they have an “exclusive” relationship — that is, that you must book all your travel through them. Some even include a so-called exclusivity clause in their independent contractor agreement.…

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Passport Crisis Equals Marketing Opportunity


Passport crisis hype masks a real opportunity by Kelly Monaghan If you were in the business back in 2007, you probably remember the great “passport crisis,” the commotion caused by new rules that everyone leaving the US for Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean would need a passport to return home. Before that, the only…

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Setting Up Your Home-Based Travel Agent Office – Or Not


Surprise! A home-based travel agent office is not really necessary by Kelly Monaghan Here’s the best way to set up your home-based travel agent office: Don’t! Not right away at least. Too many people concentrate on the “look” of their home-based travel agent office before they pay any real attention to the reality. The fact of the…

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Become A Notary Public


Become a notary public and attract clients by Kelly Monaghan I am a big believer in finding add-on, ancillary streams of income for any business. It is a time-honored truism in the business world that the hardest thing to do is find a customer and the easiest thing to do is sell something else to…

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Too Old to Be a Travel Agent?


Age is not important in becoming a home-based travel agent by Kelly Monaghan I received an email recently that included this question: “Come November I will be turning 60, is that too old to start my travel business?” Heavens no! My correspondent also said “I want to share my love of travel with others,” and…

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Travel Sales Technique: The Ben Franklin Close


Using the Ben Franklin Close as a travel sales technique by Kelly Monaghan Travel sales techniques abound. Those of us in sales who are old enough to remember when cars had fins are probably old enough to remember the venerable Ben Franklin Close. It’s something of a technical term used by salespeople. But tastes change,…

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Cheap Travel – How To Avoid The Trap


Cheap Travel: Will It Lose You Customers? by Kelly Monaghan “Cheap travel.” The very words draw prospects like moths to a flame, and leave travel agents with a fear of getting burned. My office received a call once from a woman who was thinking about becoming a home-based travel agent. But one thing was bothering…

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Setting Goals For Your Home-Based Travel Agent Business

Goal text. A red dart center target, isolated on white - Business concept.

Setting goals is a big part of building your home-based travel business by Kelly Monaghan Many people think that setting goals means setting your sites on some financial benchmark: an annual income, a new car, a house in that fancy new development. It certainly can mean all of those things, but goals can be activity-based as well and,…

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