Getting The Word Out About Your Travel Agency Blog

By Kelly Monaghan

If you have a blog (and if you don’t perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, “Why not?”), you may be waiting patiently for your readership to increase. Perhaps you’re even hoping your blog will “go viral.” Maybe you should be a little more proactive.

There are many ways to do that, but here I’d like to concentrate on some specialty sites that direct people to blogs that might interest them, and there’s no reason yours can’t be one of them. Not incidentally, these sites are also a good way to locate sites that you might want to read yourself for inspiration and ideas. You might even develop some valuable contacts! describes itself as an “online magazine rack” that allows people to find interesting blogs and web sites on various topics.

There are a few ways to use Alltop. You can click through to the Travel category and browse the blogs and web sites listed there. If you sign up with the site, you can select the blogs you want to read regularly and browse them on your own “home page.” But you can also submit your blog for Alltop’s consideration.

Travel Blog Exchange is a “community of those who share the journey.” Thus, it is something of a specialized social network. Travel professional who are also bloggers (that’d be you!) are welcome but required to identify themselves as industry insiders. Still, this can be a good way to do some low key networking and perhaps identify yourself as a specialist to other bloggers and members of the press.

tracks the “best” blogs on a variety of topics. I put “best” in quotation marks because the blogs that listed are self-selected — that is, a blog has to register and add special tracking code to its site to be tracked and ranked by Blogtopsites.

In the travel category at least, the competition doesn’t seem to be too formidable. Your blog can get ranked with as little as one visitor a month! The counter resets each month.

A similar site, with a similar name, is Blogtoplist. It operates in much the same way as Blogtopsites, except that a blog can gain stature if its readers “vote” for it. Also, the counter here resets weekly.

Yet another blog visitor tracking service that resets weekly is Blogflux, which seems to be especially strong on non-U.S. blogs. It also seems to use the same underlying software as Blogtopsites. This site has been undergoing some revamping recently, so you may have to do some poking around. Here’s another link to the site that leads to an “undergoing renovations” message, but it might be worth monitoring in the future.

There are some others, which you can find by clicking through to some of the blogs you find on the sites above and looking for the tracking site buttons they are required to display, but this list will certainly get you started and may prove to be more than you need.


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