Travel Agents, Send Your Clients To Europe

Europe beckons


Attention home-based travel agents! This could be a great time to talk to your clients about a quick getaway to Europe. Sure, it’s winter but here’s some sunny news: hotel prices in Europe are the lowest they’ve been in two years, offering some attractive bargains.

That bit of market intelligence comes courtesy of, which surveyed the 50 most popular European cities to compile its Hotel Price Index (PDF).

There were price rises in cities like Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Geneva, but there were also double digit declines in popular destinations like London, Rome, and Vienna.

Travel agents owe it to their clients to keep them up to date on things like this. That, of course, means getting to know your clients, their likes, their dislikes, and their ability and willingness to jump on good deals when they become available.

If you are not already gathering and storing that kind of intelligence, start today!

By the way, there’s an entire section in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course on hotels!

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