Travel Agents and the Future [Infographic]

As a Travel Agent, What Does Your Future Look Like?


In today’s time-pressed, overwhelmed society, travel agents are becoming more essential than ever. So what does the future look like for travel agents?

That’s good news for us travel agents, of course, but along with the opportunity comes responsibility for keeping abreast of a fast-changing travel environment.

A report commissioned by Amadeus offers a glimpse into travel agents and their future.

Titled “Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller,” it describes six “traveler tribes” that will emerge by 2030. The report was compiled using industry experts and a traveler survey.Travel Agents and the Future

The six “traveler tribes” are:
• Simplicity Searchers – those seeking inclusive-type trips that avoid the stress of planning.
• Social Capital Seekers – those whose travel plans are influenced by their online audiences, based on their Klout score, ranks their influence from 1 to 100.
• Cultural Purists – those who look to immerse themselves in any foreign even at the risk of being uncomfortable.
• Ethical Travelers – those who base their travel plans on moral issues.
• Obligation Meeters – those who travel efficiently with a mission in mind.
• Reward Hunters – those who seek premium experiences as a reward for hard work.

Making predictions about travel agents and the future is a risky business, as 70 or more years of sci-fi movies have taught us. Still this breakdown of travel trends offers food for thought. How do these tribes reflect what you are seeing in your business?

Or if you are just starting out, how are you going to design your business for the future?

Speaking of the future, for a fun look at travel in 2024, check out this article from USA Today Travel.

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