Where are the travel agent jobs?


Are there any travel agent jobs? If you look at the decline in storefront travel agencies (so-called brick and mortar travel agencies), you’d get the impression that getting a job as a travel agent is harder these days. In one way, that’s true. Yet on the other hand, nothing could be farther from the truth.

How can that be? Let me explain.

It used to be that if you wanted to become a travel agent, you’d have to go to a travel agent school and suffer through boring classes on how to use a global distribution system or GDS (formerly called a CRS for “computerized reservation system”).

Then, you’d be qualified for a low-paid, entry-level job at a storefront agency. Typically, you would spend your day at a computer terminal making airline reservations and that was about it.

The democratization of travel distribution

That all changed with what I call “the home-based travel revolution.”

When airlines stopped paying commissions, more and more storefront agencies saw their best hope for survival in taking on outside sales representatives to proactively market high-ticket, high-margin travel products like cruises and tours.

This was a truly revolutionary change. Now it was possible to become a travel agent quickly and easily, without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on travel schools that prepared you for only the most low-paying positions in the travel industry.

People discovered they could pretty much design their own travel business to suit their own interests and desires. Even better, they could start earning good money in commissions right away, instead of having to suffer through a long apprenticeship in a storefront travel agency.

Which kind of business do you want to create for yourself?

So today, if you want to become a travel agent, the first question you have to ask yourself is “What kind of travel agent do I want to be?”

Want to sell nothing but cruises? You can do that. Want to specialize only in luxury cruises or river cruises? You can do that, too!

Hate cruising and want to sell nothing but tours? You can do that. Want to specialize only in tours to France or Italy? Want to sell tours only for the disabled or to religious groups? You can do all those things, too!

In fact, the more tightly you focus the job you are creating for yourself, the more successful you are likely to be.

And the best part about all these business models is that you can work from home!

But to be truly successful as a home-based travel agent, you need to arm yourself with insider knowledge about how the travel industry really works. You will find that knowledge in my home study course for home-based travel agents.

The Home-Based Travel Agent Home Study Course

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