Travel Agent Fam Trips: Too Good To Be True?


There is a great deal of misinformation floating about on the subject of travel agent fams. Some people think that all they have to do is pay for a travel agent ID card to instantly join a never-ending gravy train of free vacations under the guise of travel agent fams. Unfortunately, that’s simply not true.

The Truth About Travel Agent Fam Trips

The news isn’t all bad, though. Travel agents fam trips exist and they can be very, very economical, even free.

Travel agent fam trips (or “familiarization trips” as they are more formally known) exist because travel suppliers understand that travel agents do a better job of selling travel products and destinations when they have experienced them for themselves. Travel agent fam trips, then, are designed to give the travel agent product knowledge he or she wouldn’t have otherwise.

It should be fairly obvious, even from that brief description, that travel suppliers want something in return for sponsoring travel agent fam trips. They want the travel agents who go on these travel agent familiarization trips to send them customers. Lots of customers.

That being the case, the travel supplier has a vested interest in making sure that the people invited on travel agent fam trips really are travel agents. And not just travel agents but productive travel agents. Increasingly, those $495 travel agent ID cards just don’t cut it, because travel suppliers are wising up to the fact that most of the people holding them don’t really sell all that much travel.

Travel Agent Fam Trips Are Hard Work

Because travel suppliers spend a great deal of money when they offer travel agent fam rips, they want a return on their investment. That’s why they keep travel agents busy on these familiarization trips. Yes, there is free time, but it is limited. Most travel agent fam trips are a relentless schedule of site visits and hotel inspections. At each stop, someone bombards you with facts and figures about their attraction or property. This is vital information for serious home-based travel agents, but a living hell for those who go on travel agent fam trips thinking they are getting a low-cost vacation.

Travel Agent Fam Trips For Beginners

It is possible for newly-minted home-based travel agent to take advantage of travel agent fam trips. The secret is to sign up for seminars offered by suppliers who understand the value of home-based travel agents and are eager to tap this growing market. The cost can be surprisingly modest (how does $499 for a $3,000 cruise sound?) and the best part is you get world-class professional training into the bargain. How to profit from this perk is explained in our home-based travel agent training course.

The Best Travel Agent Fam Trips

The best travel agent fam trips are the ones you don’t even ask for – and they are usually free. They happen when you succeed in catching the eye of a travel supplier because you are working hard to promote their products and are succeeding. Details on how to win at the travel agent fam trip game are provided in my home-based travel agent training course.

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