Thirteen Percent Commissions For Travel Agents in 2013?

Thirteen percent commissions?


Well, it’s 2013 (Happy New Year!). So be on the lookout for special promotions from suppliers built around the “unlucky” number 13. My guess is that a lot of marketers on the supplier side will find the idea irresistible.

One that’s already jumped on the unlucky 13 bandwagon is the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort in Tobago. They’re offering 13 percent commission on all bookings made before April 13 (get it?). That makes it attractive to agents. The resort is also offering a 15% discount on rooms through April 30, which makes it attractive to your clients — plus those discounted rates are commissionable. Even better, the commission rate applies to meal plans as well, as long as they are booked by the travel agent before client arrival.

The resort’s web site features an online booking engine accessible to travel agents. To reach it, click on the “Check Availability” box just under the panoramic picture of the pool area. On the next page, you will see a link for “Travel Agents.” You must be registered with the site first, a process which can be accomplished by calling the reservation number provided on that page.

I should note that I am not endorsing the Magdalena Grand, as I have no experience with the property. (Although that might change!) I am just citing it as an example of the great deals you can find, both for yourself and for your clients.

Being on the lookout for opportunities like this is just one way a home-based travel agent can maximize his or her income. If you would like to get more information on the topic, you will find it in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course where I list many different approaches to maximizing your income.

The following additional information is for students of the course only. Once you have the course and are registered, you will have access to this information.



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