The Time Has Come

As they say, all good things come to an end.

I have been helping people become successful home-based travel agents for some 25 years. When I started, the very idea of the “home-based travel agent” was controversial within the industry. The concept (and me along with it!) was attacked in the travel trade press.

Today, home-based agents are the vibrant heart of the travel distribution system and the travel trade press is dedicated to serving them. Indeed, without home-based agents the travel trade press would be a shadow of its former self.

So, yes, I am pleased and proud of my small role in what I like to call the Home Travel Revolution.

But time marches on and I ain’t getting any younger. To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe’s deathless line in Some Like It Hot: Three-quarters of a century; makes a boy think.

And so I have decided to close the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course as of September 30, 2018.

The time has come to stop and smell the flowers, not to mention sniffing a nice selection of single-malt whiskeys!

So if you have been curious about starting your own profitable home-based travel business, you have until September 30 to download the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. And, yes, my iron-clad money-back guarantee still applies.

A Bon Voyage present — for you!

To celebrate my impending retirement I am slashing the cost of the course from $197 to just $97. So please act now. Remember, the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course will no longer be available after September 30, 2018.

Click here to access the course.

Introducing Captain Lou

I may be retiring, but there are other resources that can help you achieve real success in the travel industry. With that in mind, I would  like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my friend and colleague Captain Lou Edwards.

Although I can’t claim Lou as a student of mine, he used the basic strategies I teach to make a mid-life career change and establish a successful cruise-only agency. He then developed his own strategies and techniques to supercharge his business.

Captain Lou now creates and promotes group cruises that regularly attract more than 400 people, people who are more than happy to sail with him year after year. Even better, he has pioneered ways to add even more profit above and beyond the cruise lines’ very generous commissions. Better still, he has automated much of the process so he can book cruisers and earn money on autopilot.

And the icing on the cake is that Captain Lou is now sharing his secrets with a select number of students each year.

His course is best suited to agents with at least some experience. So if you are brand new to the industry, I would humbly recommend you start with the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. However, if you are already working as a travel agent and making bookings, you might want to jump right into Lou’s course.

Oh, and while Captain Lou focuses on cruises, there is no reason that his strategies and tactics can’t be applied to other niches in the travel business, such as all-inclusive resorts and escorted land tours.

I’m retiring, but Lou Edwards will be around for years to come helping a lucky few take their business to unimagined levels of success and profitability.

You can learn more here:

Tell him “Kelly sent me.” (Yes, I will receive a commission. You can take the boy out of travel agenting, but you can’t take the travel agent out of the boy.)

And so, farewell. I don’t know if this will be my last post on this blog, but this I do know:

The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course will close to new enrollments as of September 30, 2018.

Happy travels!




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