The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course is ‘Kindle-ready’

A Kindle ready course


UPDATE: The printed version of the course is no longer available.

If you own a Kindle Wireless Reading Device, you can place the electronic files of your Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course on Amazon’s handy portable device.

All seven modules of the course are provided in PDF format and it is a simple matter to transfer them from your computer to your Kindle using the USB cord that comes with the Kindle. (Hint: It’s the power cord, just remove the plug element.)

For complete instructions on how to transfer the flies, click here.

This is a great alternative (or supplement) to storing the course modules just on your computer. And you may find it an attractive alternative to printing the course out. After all, the course contains over 850 pages of information! That’s a lot to lug around.

But with a Kindle you can put it all in a compact package the size of a small book and take the course along with you when you travel.

Remember, you realize a substantial savings by getting the course in the instant-access electronic version — $139 vs. $197 for the printed version. If you’d like to order the electronic version of the course, CLICK HERE.

Of course, you may prefer to get the printed version, which also gives you instant access to the electronic version as well. To order the printed version, CLICK HERE.

Once you have the course, you will have lifetime access to the electronic version and all future updates!

If you would like more information about the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course before you order, CLICK HERE.

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