Mass Tourism and the Home-Based Travel Agent

mass tourism cruise ship

Mass tourism is booming across the globe and a lot of people are unhappy about it. Reactions to mass tourism can be found in many places around the globe. Here are just a few: There have been protests in Venice. Barcelona is up in arms. Other parts of Spain have declared a “war on tourists.”…

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Travel Agents and the Future [Infographic]

As a Travel Agent, What Does Your Future Look Like? by Kelly Monaghan In today’s time-pressed, overwhelmed society, travel agents are becoming more essential than ever. So what does the future look like for travel agents? That’s good news for us travel agents, of course, but along with the opportunity comes responsibility for keeping abreast…

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The Travel Business Is Booming

By Kelly Monaghan The travel business is looking better and better. Hard on the heels of the State of the Union comes the State of the Travel Industry, courtesy of U.S. Travel Association President Roger Dow. Apparently it will be an annual thing going forward. First, some background. USTA is a lobbying organization based in…

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