Have you ever been charged with DUI?

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by Kelly Monaghan “Have you ever had a DUI?” Wow! Asking someone if they’ve ever been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol is a pretty nervy thing for a travel agent to do. After all, is this the sort of thing that one person asks another — out of a clear blue sky…

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Presenting Travel Products To Your Clients

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Presenting Travel — A Simple Method by Kelly Monaghan As with so much of what we discuss on this site, presenting the wonderful benefits of the travel products you sell will be a lot easier if you approach the task in a professional and orderly fashion. First of all, let’s define some terms. A “travel…

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Cheap Travel – How To Avoid The Trap

Cheap Travel: Will It Lose You Customers? by Kelly Monaghan “Cheap travel.” The very words draw prospects like moths to a flame, and leave travel agents with a fear of getting burned. My office received a call once from a woman who was thinking about becoming a home-based travel agent. But one thing was bothering…

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Boost Sales – Three Simple Steps

Boost Sales With These Three Simple Steps by Kelly Monaghan As I point out more than once in my home study course, success as a home-based travel agent means keeping an eagle eye on the bottom line and always looking for ways to boost sales whenever possible and to sell smarter. Here are three pointers…

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Selling Travel – The Time Factor

Selling Travel Can Be Fun, But There’s Something You Should Know by Kelly Monaghan If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you have been surfing the ‘Net looking at those super attractive websites put up by host agencies. Nice looking, aren’t they? Now I have nothing against host agencies. They fill a valuable…

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How Do Home-Based Travel Agents Make Money?

By Kelly Monaghan I’m often asked, “How do travel agents make money?” It seems like a simple enough question and I bet you think you know the answer. But read on. Some of the ways home-based travel agents – the smart ones at least – earn money may not be quite so obvious. The Obvious…

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