Picking The Right Cabin For Your Cruise Clients Can Make You a Hero

stateroom photo

Picking the right cabin for your cruise clients is sometimes not as easy as you might think. I was reminded of this when I saw an article from Australia on this very topic. Its guidelines are pretty much common sense but worth reminding ourselves of anyway. For me, and I think for many travel agents,…

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I Don’t Want To Sell Cruises

sell cruises

“But I don’t want to sell just cruises” by Kelly Monaghan That was the complaint I received recently from a would-be home-based travel agent. I was confused because nowhere is it written that a home-based travel agent can sell only cruises. (Although many of them do just that!) A few questions cleared up my confusion.…

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Cruise Industry Outlook 2015 – Full Speed Ahead

by Kelly Monaghan The cruise industry outlook for 2015 shows nothing but smooth sailing ahead. Cruising is a perennial favorite for home-based agents looking to specialize, so if you haven’t chosen a specialty yet, listen up. CLIA has released some eye-opening stats on the industry, along with a list of 7 key themes, if you…

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