More On Spousal Support

By Kelly Monaghan

Recently, I wrote about some reasons why a husband and wife might want to team up as home-based travel agents. I thought I’d pretty much hit them all.

Now comes an article in  Travel Weekly about Nancy and Dave Finn of Wisconsin which highlighted another reason a spouse might get involved in the travel business — tremendous success!

Like many of my students, Nancy started her travel business as a hobby. And let me say yet again that there’s absolutely nothing wrong starting on a small or part-time basis, but no matter at what level you begin you should do so in a business-like manner.

Nancy obviously took that advice because her business grew to the point at which it made no sense for her husband to stick with his job. Nancy’s travel business was obviously where the money was!

So he quit and joined Nancy and together they built a thriving business, so thriving in fact that now their daughter has joined the $2 million plus per year enterprise.

Yup, you read that right. This home-based, two person operation enjoys sales of more than $2 million a year!

Here are some more lessons to be learned from their success:

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