Setting Goals For Your Home-Based Travel Agent Business

setting goals

Take some time to think about setting goals for your home-based travel business.

Setting goals is a big part of building your home-based travel business

by Kelly Monaghan

Many people think that setting goals means setting your sites on some financial benchmark: an annual income, a new car, a house in that fancy new development.

It certainly can mean all of those things, but goals can be activity-based as well and, because of that, extremely helpful to the new home-based agent.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “rules” of setting goals (and as a quick review for those who know), goals should be:

1. Specific. “I will earn $50,000 this year” and not “I want to earn a lot of money.”

2. Written Down. A mental goal is not worth the paper it’s written on.

3. Time Limited. “By September 15th” and not “some day.”

4. Flexible. Goals should help you, not hobble you. So if you find your income goals are unrealistic, revise them downwards. On the other hand, if you find that half way through the year you’re three quarters of the way to your income goal, revise it upwards.

Many people start their home-based travel business with a firm desire to rush headlong toward success, and that’s terrific. Others start their businesses on a more relaxed basis, testing the waters as it were, and that’s great, too. One of the best things about the new home-based travel phenomenon is that it allows people to start up for a modest amount of money while they discover if this is something they will want to pursue with greater vigor.

But just because you are testing the waters is no reason not to start setting goals. Also, if you are trying to set yourself some financial goals, you might not have the experience yet to know where to set them. Activity-based goals, however, are within the reach of and understandable by everyone, regardless of experience.

So what sort of activity goals should you set?

Setting goals — some thoughts

• Reading (or re-reading) one chapter of the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course each night for a week, making notes of any ideas you have for putting this new knowledge to work.

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• Giving your business card to everyone you meet at this week’s club (or other) meeting and remembering to ask for theirs. (Obviously, you wouldn’t do this if the “unwritten rules” of the gathering prohibit soliciting business.)

• Starting five Client Profile Forms each week for this month.

• Telling one friend each day about your new travel business for this week.

• Conducting an Internet search for a destination in which you wish to specialize and cataloging the sites you find. Completing this task within 15 days.

• Contacting ten tour operators who specialize in your area of interest this week and requesting brochures.

You get the idea. Setting goals can be simple and all of these are simple tasks that start to break down the enormous question, “Where do I start!!??” into manageable chunks. They are also time-limited and can be documented. If you count the number of business cards you take to the meeting you can determine how many you gave out when you get home. If you find you have only 16 Client Profile Forms at the end of the month, you know you’ve fallen short of your goal.

Later, you can start setting goals for business activities that directly affect your bottom line:

• Book six cabins this month.

• Select two cruises a year out to promote and have space blocked by the end of the month.

It’s nice to have broad, over-arching goals. But you are more likely to reach the big goals if you get in the habit of setting lots of mini-goals that bring you closer to your ultimate destination.

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