You Are Paying For Something You Can Get For Free

Most host agencies charge a fee – often a hefty fee – for the privilege of booking through them. How do you think they pay for all that marketing they do? But there are host agencies that charge absolutely nothing to provide the same service. They’re hard to find, but they’re out there.

You Are Not The Host Agency’s Customer

If you think you’re the customer and the customer is always right, think again. This is a business to business relationship. It’s up to you to look after your own best interests. The host agency will not do it for you. They’re too busy looking after their interests.

You Can’t Get Your Money Back

Like I said, you are not a customer. The best money-back “guarantee” I’ve seen from a host agency lasts three days. 72 hours! In the vast majority of cases, once a host has your money, it’s gone forever, no matter how unsatisfied you are.

Location Matters

In the Internet era it would seem that where a host agency is headquartered shouldn’t matter. In many respects that’s true. But geography can block your access to the kind of supplier support that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

You Don’t Really Need A Host Agency

Home-based travel agents have become such a valuable channel for travel suppliers that the services of a host agency are not absolutely necessary. For about what it costs to sign up with many hosts, you can create your very own independent travel agency, collect all the commission, and get other home-based agents to work for you! Yes, there are times when using a host agency is a good idea, but you have to know when. There are many situations in which it makes zero financial sense to share your business with them.

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