Rhode Island repeals its ‘license’ requirement


Well, finally! An outburst of sanity from a state legislature!

The state of Rhode Island has repealed its requirement that travel agents get a “license” and post a bond. Here’s the wording from Commercial Licensing Bulletin 2008-1.

Please be advised that as of June 6, 2008, Governor Donald L. Carcieri has signed
into effect House Bill 7113 and Senate Bill 2067, repealing Rhode Island General
Law Title 5 Businesses and Professions, Chapter 5-52 Travel Agencies.
Accordingly, Travel Agencies, Managers, and Agents no longer require a license
or bond to conduct travel business in the State of Rhode Island.

Unfortunately, they will not refund any monies already collected.

The announcement was signed by “Implementation Aide” Kim Precious and I could hardly have chosen a better name myself.

Let’s hope this starts a trend and we see California and Florida rescind their so-called Sellers of Travel laws, which do nothing to protect consumers (their stated intent) but do a lot to discourage people from exercising their freedom to create their own jobs.

In the meantime, learn how to be the best travel agent you can be.

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