Presenting Travel Products To Your Clients

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Presenting Travel — A Simple Method


As with so much of what we discuss on this site, presenting the wonderful benefits of the travel products you sell will be a lot easier if you approach the task in a professional and orderly fashion.

First of all, let’s define some terms.

A “travel product” is something you are offering to a prospect or client — a cruise, an escorted tour, a European FIT, a week at an all inclusive resort, travel insurance. You get the idea.

Presenting travel products like this is easy

Think you could sell this travel product? (Source: Warwick Hotels)

By presenting I mean the process whereby you share with your prospect or client, in a structured fashion, the features and benefits of the travel product you wish them to purchase.

Presenting Travel Like A Pro

Over the years, sales professionals have developed a highly effective way of providing information to their clients in such a way that the client sees — even experiences — the wisdom of making an immediate buying decision. This method for presenting travel is built around a simple, four-step process:

Probe –> Present –> Prove –> Close

This method works best if you fully qualify the situation first, research available travel products, and then present your solutions to the client. It works in both informal settings and formal group presentations. Let’s take a look at each step in turn.


Ask a question — preferably one to which you know the answer — that addresses an expressed, known, or strongly suspected need of the customer. Obviously, expressed needs will be the strongest motivators. But you may know about your customers’ needs based on past experience with them. Also, some needs can be inferred; for example, it is reasonable to assume that a need to escape the chill of winter to a Caribbean island is shared by an audience in upstate New York that is attending a Cruise Night you sponsored. When the customer answers the question, he will be reinforcing the need in his own mind, conjuring up a mental picture of whatever it is in his life that is lacking.


Your question sets the stage for you to present a specific benefit or group of benefits of the travel product you are offering.


While not always necessary, your presentation of benefits will be stronger if you have some way of backing up what you say with proof. That proof can take the form of your own personal experience with a cruise line, that of other satisfied customers, the pictures in a brochure, or slides or a video you can show the customer.


Once you have presented the benefit and proved its worth, you should make a trial close to test that the customer has accepted the benefit as valid.

Presenting Travel Properly = Sales

You can use this method for presenting travel to pile benefit on benefit until the prospect has no choice but to buy.

But be careful! You may have dozens of dynamite benefits in your pocket, but when the customer is ready to buy, it’s time to stop selling.

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