Play About Travel Agents in New York

by Kelly Monaghan

“Craving For Travel” is a new comedy about travel agents. Written by Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg, it is playing through February 9, 2014, at the Peter Sharp Theatre at 416 West 42nd Street, New York’s famous “Theatre Row.”

Two actors (Thom Sesma and Michele Ragusa) play two rival travel agents and all their customers, 30 parts in all.

I urge all of you within commuting distance of New York to see the show. In fact, I think if you read the review in the New York Times, you will get so angry that you’ll make a special effort to support the play.

Critic Neil Genzlinger doesn’t think much of the play, mainly because he absolutely hates travel agents. The review made my blood boil. But even Genzlinger had to admit that the play’s pretty funny and the performances first-rate.

I’m seeing the show this Saturday evening. Drinks after?

Read more about the show and buy tickets at the Craving For Travel site.

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