Do You Have Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Do you need multiple Twitter accounts?


Most people have just one Twitter account. And for most people that could be quite enough.

The problem is, as your list of contacts grows your “Timeline” gets crowded with tweets and it is very possible that you might miss tweets from clients that you should be responding to.

So I would like to suggest that, as a home-based travel agent, you consider having two Twitter accounts. For lack of better terminology we might call them “Incoming” and “Outgoing.”

Your Outgoing account would be used exclusively to communicate with your clients and prospects. You will also want to monitor this account for tweets from those you are following and who are following you. Those tweets might very well be responses to things you have tweeted. They could be questions about your services. Or they could simply be news tidbits that you might wish to respond to. For example, if a customer announces the birth of a grandchild, congratulations are in order.

Most travel agents (like just about every other twitter user) think of Twitter as a broadcast medium, something they use to get their messages out into the world. But they also discover that Twitter is a great way to receive information and they wind up following heavy hitters in the travel industry and the travel trade press, along with brands and destinations.

That’s when overload starts to set in and the stream of outgoing and incoming tweets gets muddied.

So establish a separate Incoming account. No customers, no prospects, just industry colleagues, supplier brands, travel writers and the like. You will probably not want to do a lot of tweeting on this account, except to respond to the tweets of others. This is an excellent way to raise your profile within the industry. Start a “tweetversation” with the VP of sales of a major supplier, then meet them at an industry event, and you will stand out from the run of the mill agents out there.

This is also a terrific way to stay on top of the industry news that matters to you, which may be another way of saying that you shouldn’t simply follow everyone in the industry. Keep the flow of information to manageable levels.

Having more than one Twitter account is simple. It just requires two emails. And if you have your own domain name for your agency, that’s probably the best way to do it.

If anyone else has found creative ways to use Twitter in their travel agent business, I’d love to hear about it.

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