Monitoring Your Clients’ Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs mean a lot to your clients


I keep adding new terms to the Travel Industry Dictionary. Terms like “mattress run.”

No, it’s not a new Olympic event. It refers to the practice of booking into hotel rooms, often for just a few minutes, to build up credit toward elite status in a hotel’s frequent lodger program. This new term is a play on an old one: mileage run. Same idea but with the airlines.

Those of you who have invested in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course know all about how and why to record clients’ loyalty program information so you’ll be able to book them into their preferred hotels when they travel and have the right number at your fingertips when you do.

But I wonder how many of us think of being proactive in this regard? If you know a client is getting close to elite status, why not suggest a mattress run? One good way to pitch the idea is as a husband-wife getaway. Fun for them with a payoff in added perks or free rooms down the road, and some extra commissions for you.

Of course, this means keeping an eye on your clients’ bookings (something you should be doing anyway). It also requires getting to know the various programs – there are striking differences among them – and being able to explain why the “additional” or “unnecessary” expense makes sense for your client.

An entertaining article in the New York Times provides a good introduction to the practice.

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