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You can learn a lot from million dollar travel agents


TravelAge West and Travel Weekly recently hosted a conference in Las Vegas that featured a round table of million dollar travel agents.

I was pleased to see that among them was Beci Mahnken, of MEI Travel, who got started in her career with an early version of the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course.

These pros had some tough-love advice for their audience.

Hobbyists, beware: Our GTM West advisors agreed that a career as a travel agent is about more than the glitz and glamour of a life on the road.

“Most new agents I meet have traveled, so they think they understand travel,” said Genung of Harr Travel. “But the business of travel has very little to do with traveling. You have to be a salesperson first, not a traveler.”

Precisely! That’s why I set out to teach aspiring home-based agents how the business really works. And why I included an entire module on mastering the art of selling travel.

‘How To Sell Travel Like A Pro’
Module 3

Seven powerful chapters that take you from your first meeting
with a prospect, to a completed sale, to the all-important
skill of following up to provide sterling service and pave
the way for a long-term relationship.

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Advice from million dollar travel agents

Yes, having traveled a lot helps. Yes, having planned trips for yourself and others helps, too. But you can’t learn the ins and outs of the behind-the-scenes travel industry that way.

Here are some of the things the agents at GTWest had to say:

That’s not to say that advisors don’t spend time exploring the world. Hosted fam trips or hotel stays are common, but they don’t equate to a “free vacation,” warns Goldring of Goldring Travel.

“Now, we’re investing in actually going places — and it’s work,” ….

“I think it’s critical to prioritize education from the moment you jump into the industry, as products are changing fast,” added Ulrich of Trips to the Mouse. “The very first year is the best to travel, learn and be a sponge.”

That’s good advice and it’s one reason I include in the course instructions on how to qualify for deeply-discounted fam trips that are open to brand-new travel agents.

On my website and on this blog I constantly warn folks that becoming a home-based travel agent is not a get rich quick scheme and these million dollar travel agents agree with me.

Don’t expect to turn a profit — at least not immediately.

“Don’t just chase a commission,” Goldring said. “When you’re starting out, that’s when you learn. Education is an expense; it’s an investment of your time. When you do that, you can grow and figure out what model works for you.”

So if you are ready to make an investment in your future, I encourage you to invest in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course — risk free, since I offer the best money-back guarantee in the industry.

If you already have the course, then follow the guidance it provides on taking advantage of the educational opportunities offered by professional associations and the usually free continuing education offered by suppliers.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money and travel for free, keep looking. Eventually you will find someone ready to take your money and offer you the moon. Just one problem: when you find out you’ve been had, your money’s gone for good.

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