Marketing Travel to Age-Appropriate Groups [Infographic]

Marketing travel to targeted groups boosts sales

By Sally Bahner

A new study from the Shullman Research Center, which typically reports on spending habits of the affluent, may help agents with marketing travel by matching clients with domestic and international destinations based on their age group.

Or at least point them in the right direction when they come to you for recommendations.

The study is broken down among millennials (18 to 34), gen Xers (35 to 50), and baby boomers (51 to 69) and covers where they’re going (domestic or international), the amount they expect to spend, where they’re staying, and modes of transportation.

More than three-quarters of all three groups travel for pleasure. While the majority travel within the United States, millennials lead the charge for international travel – at 38 percent, with 18 percent for gen Xers and 27 percent of baby boomers heading abroad. Millennials also have the deepest pockets!

For domestic destinations, Hawaii is the favorite among millennials, with Florida and California scoring big for ten Xers, and Nevada and other hot, dry climates for baby boomers. Internationally, Europe is especially big for baby boomers, while millennials are drawn to Asia and gen Xers are split among Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

And how do they get to their destinations? For millennials, it’s by their own cars, at least domestically, followed by planes and just a few traveling by train.

Airplanes, of course, are the top mode of transportation for international travel, especially with baby boomers, at 86 percent. Interestingly, ship travel is preferred by more millennials than gen Xers or baby boomers.

The infographic, courtesy of, gives you the details.

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