More Proof: People Just Love To Travel

Love to travel? join the club.

By Kelly Monaghan

“The memories I get from my vacations make the trip worth it.”

Does it surprise you that 90% of people surveyed recently agreed with that statement? Not me. I’ve been saying for ages that travel is among the most resilient products out there. Even in bad times, people love to travel. They might have to pinch their pennies, but they still need the satisfaction and the memories that only travel can provide.

But it always helps to have the reassurance of solid market research to back you up. That’s been provided by an outfit called MMGY Global/Harrison Group, whose report 2012 Portrait of American Travelers was recently covered by

Here are some of the highlights:

People have a strong emotional attachment to travel. They say that their vacation is “the event I most look forward to each year.”

Travelers are opening their wallets with greater ease these days. More of them are choosing upscale hotels and resorts than last year.

Regardless of their economic status, people report putting more emphasis on quality than on savings, which means they’ll pay full price “as long as I am guaranteed the quality and service I deserve.” Here’s the money quote:

In a surprising departure from the travel planning scenarios that prevailed during the recent recession, today’s travelers choose the destination (34 percent) and type of trip (33 percent) first, before setting a budget (18 percent) and searching for deals (eight percent).

There’s a renewed interest in family travel, including multi-generational travel with the higher commissions that entails.

Travel featuring outdoor experiences is growing, while gambling trips are on the decline.

If you’d like to get the full report, you can go to MMGY Global/Harrison Group at

You have to request information before they’ll tell you how much it costs, which I took as their way of telling me, “If you have to ask you can’t afford it.” This sort of survey usually costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars and is meant for big businesses.

But you can read Hospitality. net’s story here:

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