Will I Learn Everything I Need To Become A Travel Agent?


Every once in a while I get an email like this (reproduced in its entirety):

Should I join a host travel company. Will I learn everything I need to become a travel agent? I want to learn.

Hoo, boy! Where to start?

First of all, I don’t have the time to answer every email I get, let alone one like this. If I were to try to answer the questions in this one, I’d have to write an entire course on the subject.

Wait a minute! I did write an entire course on the subject.

If this person really wants to learn how to become a travel agent (and I have no reason to believe I’m being lied to), The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course will send them on their way to a fulfilling career as a home-based travel agent.

So I decided to write this post in the hopes I can help the sender and others who might have similar questions.

This site contains a great deal of information. Between the blog posts and the articles on the site, the most common questions will be answered.

Should I join a host travel company?

Let’s start with “Should I join a host travel company?” by which my correspondent means a host agency.

The subject of host agencies is covered in these articles:

It’s not so much a matter of joining a host agency (you don’t have to), but joining the host agency that is right for you, one that will allow you to reach your goals. A surprising number of people who invest in my course do so because, out of ignorance, they joined the wrong host and discovered their mistake too late.

I’m happy to help them, but they could have saved themselves a bunch of money by taking the course first.

You see, host agencies won’t give you your money back if you’re dissatisfied (Okay, in some states, where it is mandated by law, you can get your money back — if you ask within the first 72 hours.)

My course, on the other hand comes with a no-time-limit, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Not only is that the best offer you’ll find in the travel training industry, it signals the level of confidence I have in the value I provide to students of the course.

Will I learn everything I need to become a travel agent?

Absolutely! Not only will you learn everything you need to know to become a travel agent, you will learn everything your need to know to become a professional, productive travel agent with a firm understanding of how the industry really works (something those host agencies never bother to tell you).

You will also learn how to work for yourself, not a host agency or the suppliers. I show you how to maximize your income (and minimize your expenses) at every step of the way.

However, in the spirit of full-disclosure, let me say the the course cannot teach you everything there is to know about the travel industry, the travel distribution system, and the strategies and tactics of running a successful home-based travel agency.

That is the work of decades! And no travel agent can know it all (although some will act as if they do!).

However, I point you to many resources that will help you continue to hone your skills and your product knowledge. Many of them are free. Others are extremely low cost.

I want to learn.

If you like learning new things, this is a great industry to be in. Once you become a travel agent, you have embarked on a program of life-long learning. In the travel industry, there is always something new to learn.

In fact, that’s one reason that I give everyone who invests in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course ongoing access to all future updates to the course materials.

If you want to learn more, this site has a Frequently Asked Questions page about the travel industry and the course itself. You can also browse the complete contents of the course.

But the best way to learn more is to get the course. You will have instant access to all the course contents so you can jump right in and start learning just minutes from now.

And thanks to my best-in-the-industry guarantee you have nothing to lose.


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