Should Lance Armstrong Become A Travel Agent?

Lance Armstrong, travel agent


Who knows what the future holds for Lance Armstrong. But one thing’s for sure.

He’s at a turning point in his life and things will change … must change. Two years from now he won’t be doing what he was doing two years ago.

I have learned over the years that many people who take the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course find themselves at that fork in the road. There could be many reasons for that: retirement, downsizing, having a baby and needing a part-time work-at-home source of income, just plain getting fed up with what they’ve been doing for the last however many years, even an inheritance that frees them to pursue a dream. And so they embark on the journey to make travel a more integral part of their lives by sharing with others.

If Lance Armstrong were to become a travel agent he’d have a lot going for him. Consider these facts:

  1. He loves cycling. It’s his passion.
  2. He’s an expert. He knows tons about the sport.
  3. Cycling tours are a high-ticket, high-margin travel product.
  4. Cycling enthusiasts at all levels represent a large and easy to reach market.

Again and again, I have seen that people who pursue their travel passion and leverage their knowledge tend to enjoy outsize success in the travel business. One of my students turned her love for all things Disney into a multi-million dollar business. Another student now helps people explore the wineries and mountains of Argentina; she became so successful, she moved to Argentina.

Yet another student specialized in selling just one brand of all-inclusive resort. And she sold to no one but honeymoon couples. Too narrow? She became that chain’s highest producer, generating more business than the mega-agencies, and making a very good living in the process, not to mention the many free trips to her favorite resorts.

Another home-based agent specializes in tours of Eastern Europe for beekeepers. A friend leads mushrooming trips into the forests and jungles of Mexico. Now not all of these endeavors will translate into vast pots of money, but these folks are doing what they love and having a ball doing it.

The common thread here is specialization and passion. What are you passionate about (cruising, perhaps)? What destination do you know in depth? What sport (golf, scuba diving, skiing) or activity (cooking, art, ancient history, religion) informs your life and your personality? Whatever it is, there’s a travel business there.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, I hope you will seriously consider becoming a home-based travel agent. I can’t guarantee you’ll be as successful as my most successful students. Your success is in your own hands. What I can do is provide you with the industry-savvy inside knowledge and success strategies that separate the winners from the also rans. And I back it up with the best money-back guarantee in the industry.

I can guide you on the rest of the journey, but you have to take the first step by clicking here.

I wish you good luck and godspeed.

I wish Lance Armstrong the same.

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