What Home-Based Agents Need To Know About IATA Numbers


“When I become a home-based agent, will I get my IATAN card?”

“How do I get an IATA number?”

In spite of covering this matter on my website, I get a steady stream of such questions. I try to answer them but some people still don’t seem to “get it.” One wrote back, “So if I buy your course, will I get my IATAN card with it?”


So let me try to clear up what I believe is a basic misunderstanding about how this all works.

The IATA Number and Selling Travel

The whole issue of “travel agent numbers,” travel agent ID, and the proliferating number of “credentials” that supposedly identify “real” travel agents is complex (as the quote marks hint).

So I have put together a free Special Report that crystalizes what you need to know to avoid jumping to conclusions or, worse, being lead astray by clever marketing aimed at people who want to become travel agents but don’t understand how the business really works.

Give it a read today and I will provide more information about this misunderstood wrinkle in the travel distribution channel in the days to come.

Of course, to gain the fullest understanding of how the business works and how to succeed as a home-based travel agent, you can invest in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course.