“I do NOT sell a business opportunity! That’s why I am free to reveal the secrets of becoming a home-based travel agent WITHOUT spending a fortune.”

  • I’ll help you navigate through piles of confusing, conflicting information that’s outright dangerous to you and your business
  • Get started on a shoestring and “test the waters”
  • Earn the highest commissions, get travel industry discounts, and take tax-deductible cruises

From “the ultimate home based
travel agent expert” who has helped
people to build multi-million dollar

kelly-monaghanFrom publishing the highly successful book “Home-Based Travel Agent” to having his course materials used by colleges nationwide, Kelly Monaghan is what you would indeed call “the ultimate expert.”

In an industry that has seen a steady growth (328% over
the past 9 years according to ASTA

Kelly has mentored thousands of successful agents.

No matter if you want to turn this into a full time vocation
or are looking to work part time
, making a few hundred
here and there while saving big on your own travel, or
even traveling at no cost at all…

… Kelly has prepared a complete course that will allow
you to succeed without wasting money or spending
more than you have to.


“It’s full of wonderful ideas . . . Like a bible for those just starting out in the business.”

Ernestine Fee, Seminars at Sea

Dear Home-Based Entrepreneur,

Hi, my name is Kelly Monaghan. If you’ve found your way to this page you are busily researching the ins and outs of becoming a home-based travel agent.

Good for you!

Because there’s a lot of information out there. Some of it good. Some of it misleading. Some of it misguided. And some of it just plain lousy. It makes me angry and frustrated.

I’m angry because despite the fact that home-based travel agents are the fastest growing segment (the only growing segment, in fact) of the travel distribution system . . . despite the fact that the profession has reached new heights of professionalism . . . there are still a lot of sleazy come-ons out there.

Since you’re doing your research, you’ve probably seen them, too.

I’m also frustrated because I know that thousands of folks just like you are making good money working in the travel industry as home-based travel agents. You can, too. It’s easy. They’re doing it honestly, ethically, and legally and so can you.

They’re making real money, too. Even part-time you can earn as much as $500 (or more) on every sale. That’s not pocket change, that’s a serious commission.

Full-timers are supporting themselves and their families. A lot of them are seeing more of the world than they ever dreamed of seeing before. And a few of them are making very good money indeed, over $50,000 a year.

Maybe you’d like to join them. If so, you might have been tempted to respond to one of those come-ons I just mentioned.

If you did, don’t feel too bad because I know information is hard to come by. It’s especially hard to get reliable, unbiased information about this very exciting opportunity.


Rudy Maxa“A definitive guide to getting in on the travel business.”
Rudy Maxa, The Savvy Traveler
Rudy Maxa’s World

Let me help. I have spent the last fifteen years discovering the secrets to becoming fabulously successful as a home-based travel agent. When I first started publishing information about the home-based travel agency concept, I took a lot of flak from some old-fashioned, “traditional” travel agents. But I was clearly on to something.

Now even the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) recognizes that home-based travel agents are the wave of the future. And listen to this, many colleges that teach the travel agency business are using my materials to educate the growing numbers of home-based agents. Shouldn’t you have the same winning resources that the big guys are using?

That kind of recognition has been personally gratifying, but there’s still much to be done to educate the public about the opportunities offered by the home-based travel revolution. I have designed this site to help you decide if becoming a home-based travel agent is for you (it’s not for everyone!) and to familiarize you with the many benefits of my completely updated and redesigned home study course.

And because my course is delivered electronically as well as in print, you are literally minutes away from having complete and unrestricted access to the entire seven-module course!


“Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course”

The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Guide

On How Anyone (Including A 70 Year Old Ex-Pipe Fitter)

Can Become A Successful Home-Based Travel Agent

You Might Be Just Minutes Away From

Starting Your Travel Business From Home

And Making Part Time Or Full Time Income!


Home-Based Travel Agent Training

My course has been designed to teach you what you need to know to:

  • Navigate through the confusion (not to mention the outright disinformation) that has grown up around the home-based travel agent area.
  • Choose wisely from the scores of competing offers out there.
  • Design your business to meet your needs (as opposed to letting someone else tell you what’s best for them and then hoping it’ll be good for you, too).
  • Get started on a shoestring and “test the waters.”
  • Negotiate a contract with a “host agency.”
  • Understand the nature of your relationship with your host agency.
  • Earn the highest commissions possible.
  • Get the travel industry discounts and benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Take tax-deductible cruises while you learn the business.
  • Receive FREE training from industry experts.

My course even shows you how to avoid host agencies altogether (if you wish) and set up your very own independent travel agency, with its very own “IATA number” (a unique industry identifier).

beci-mahnken100“I purchased Kelly Monaghan’s Home-Based Agent Guide when I first started my career as a travel agent over 13 years ago. The material was a great resource to learn the ropes and gave me a unique insight into the industry not found in other courses. It certainly helped me create a solid foundation to build MEI-Travel, and my Disney specialty division Mouse Fan Travel, into the competitive, supportive and successful company it is today.

I consider Kelly’s latest Home-Based training course a must-read road map for anyone considering a home-based career in the travel industry but just doesn’t know where to start. This comprehensive guide with a straight talk approach is a valuable tool to navigate the available options to narrow down the best path for a profitable business.”

Beci Mahnken, MCC, CTC, Founder, President, CEO 

MEI –Travel & Mouse Fan Travel®

gary-fee“What a fantastic course this is! I have seen many great travel industry curriculums in the last 30 years and Kelly Monaghan’s training program, the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course, is the best yet.

If you are new to the travel industry this course is for you!”

Gary Fee, President
The Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)

monica-west“If not for Kelly Monaghan’s course, I probably would have quit by now. You’ve got to get this course! It’s like having someone lead you by the hand through every step of study. I love it.”
Monica West

Dundee, FL

Here Is the Vital Knowledge You Need To Have . . . and that I provide in my home study course:

About setting up your business


  1. The absolute minimum amount of money you need to get started. I bet you’ll be surprised at how little it turns out to be.
  2. Two different ways of hooking up with a host agency. And how to determine which is best for you.
  3. The three basic types of home-based travel agent opportunities. And why one of them costs so darn much. And why you still might want to consider it.
  4. Five good reasons to ally yourself with a local agency. And three reasons you might not want to.
  5. Six good reasons to pay a fee to become an outside agent. And six equally good reasons you might not want to.
  6. What to understand about how host agencies split their commissions with their outside agents — and how much money you can lose if you don’t.
  7. How to become an outside agent — instantly — no questions asked, and still get one of the highest commission splits in the industry. Without paying a fee!
  8. Why most referral agents lose money. And what the successful ones do to make a killing.
  9. What host agency “rules” you can safely ignore, and why.
  10. The vital importance of a contract and the crucial wording that must be in a contract before you agree to sign it.
  11. How to pass the IRS’s rigorous “sniff test.” (It’s easy if you know how.)
  12. How to save months of effort in searching for a host agency. (I’ve done all the tedious legwork for you.)
  13. Quickly identify the host agencies that charge the lowest fees and offer the highest commissions. (Once again, I’ve done the hard work for you.)
  14. The truth about insurance and why some travel agents believe you just don’t need it.
  15. What you need to know about the tax benefits (yes, benefits!) of being a home-based travel agent.
  16. How to take legal tax deductions for things you never imagined could be deductions before.
  17. The crucial importance of defining your travel business and the many different ways to go about it.
  18. Which industry associations you should join and why.
  19. How to bypass host agencies altogether and become completely independent.

About booking travel


  1. Five simple steps to follow in making every booking.
  2. The simple (but crucial) things to understand about “travel products.”
  3. The “magic words” that will get you the highest level of service from reservationists and travel suppliers.
  4. How to earn commissions on airline tickets, even though most airlines have stopped paying commissions.
  5. How to make double (make that triple) sure you get all the crucial information you need to make seamless bookings.
  6. How to get the absolutely most important piece of information about airfares between any two cities in the world quickly and for free on the Internet.
  7. The most overlooked product in the lodgings area today and the huge commissions you can make offering it to a largely untapped market.
  8. The importance of the package and why you should be looking to sell it every chance you get.
  9. How to nail down the best rates at hotels and rental car companies.
  10. How to identify the right tour (there are thousands!) for your client — every time.
  11. How to make sure a tour operator is reliable and that you are protected.
  12. Which travel product has an 85% repeat rate and how to sell it best.

About selling travel


  1. How to avoid “the screaming me-me’s.”
  2. The four secrets to setting sales goals that will work for you.
  3. How many “prospects” you need to keep your “pipeline” full. And more sources of them than you thought possible.
  4. How to determine, with amazing accuracy, the value of a customer.
  5. The three things your business card must accomplish.
  6. What to do on your very first sales call with every prospect, an easy-to-learn formula you can use over and over.
  7. How to use targeted direct mail to reach your best prospects. And where to get lists of them absolutely free.
  8. Everything you need to know about “qualifying.” And why learning how to do it will place you miles ahead of your competition.
  9. The information you need to collect about all your customers and how to keep it organized.
  10. How to analyze a travel brochure. What you learn can make the difference in making the sale.
  11. An easy-to-use process for presenting the wonder of travel in a way that translates interest into confirmed bookings.
  12. A four-step process you can use to handle any customer objection.
  13. How to convince your customers that a high-ticket vacation is their very best travel bargain (without lying to them). (The secret is to get them to convince themselves.)
  14. The most important thing to ask a customer. And why you should always ask it.
  15. The solid-gold sales step that most travel agents forget. (Hint: It comes after you’ve made the sale.)

About maximizing your income


  1. The importance of preferred suppliers and why they can be crucial to picking the right host agency.
  2. A simple decision you can make at the very beginning of your travel career that will assure you the highest income possible.
  3. How to get 100% of the commission (but why that might not always be the best deal).
  4. When, why, and how to “go direct,” bypassing your host agency, and deal directly with travel suppliers. Plus, what to tell your host agency when they squawk.
  5. What travel suppliers look for when dealing with independent home-based travel agents and how to convince them you’re the genuine article.
  6. How to purchase airline tickets at the super-low “net” fares reserved only for travel agents.
  7. The important relationships among commission structure, product mix, and volume. And which one of the three has the biggest effect on your bottom line.
  8. The very best travel product to sell. It has the highest per-sale payback and 85% of everyone who buys from you once will come back again. And again. And again.
  9. How to track the commissions due you and make sure you get paid.
  10. Which travel products pay the best commissions and which pay the worst.

About getting those super travel agent benefits

  1. What the “card mill” controversy is all about.
  2. Complimentary upgrades to first class? Do travel agents really get them? The answer may surprise you.
  3. How to get a free trip for signing up as few as six paying customers.
  4. How to develop a profile as a travel agent with the people who count most.
  5. Not all ID cards are created equal.
  6. The importance of the IATAN card, and why it is not all it’s cracked up to be.
  7. How to tell a so-called “travel agent discount” from a real travel agent discount.
  8. The very best form of travel agent ID. (It’s not a photo ID card!)
  9. How to turn what used to be “vacations” into tax-deductible “business trips.”
  10. Why “fam trips,” low-cost familiarization trips for travel agents, have become such a racket. And how to tell the real thing from the come-ons.
  11. The best way to get free (or very cheap) fam trips.

About host agencies


  1. Why no two host agencies operate exactly the same way.
  2. Which host agencies charge the most. And which charge absolutely nothing!
  3. Why you should join a host agency. And why you might not want to.
  4. The differences between “bare-bones business partners” and “quasi-franchises.”
  5. The “worst case scenario” and how to protect yourself.
  6. Special considerations when evaluating so-called “referral agencies.”
  7. All about the “rent-a-desk” option.
  8. Over 300 host agencies cross-referenced by location, cost of entry, commission split, and GDS.
  9. How to investigate any host agency offer.
  10. The hard questions you must ask before signing a contract. (You will sign a contract, won’t you?)

About those travel industry ID numbers


  1. Why some travel agents hate other travel agents and how to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.
  2. Who gets to determine who’s a “travel agent” and why.
  3. The history of travel agency identifiers and why they are crucial to your business success.
  4. What identifies a travel agent and what identifies a travel agency — and how to turn the difference to your profit.
  5. How to get a unique industry identifier — free — just by asking for it. (But not everyone will get one!)
  6. What are “the new numbers”?
  7. Which travel identifiers are HOT. And which are on the way out.
  8. The absolute least expensive — and quickest — way to obtain a travel industry identifier that virtually every travel supplier will accept.

“See What Others Are Saying!”

vince-yeck“During a major career shift, I happened upon Kelly Monaghan’s site and decided to purchase the “Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course” and since then, have not looked back! It was so comprehensive and really got to the core of what being a home-based travel agent is all about and gave me a solid foundation on getting started, setting up my business, finding clients, and finding a support network to help me grow and succeed. Additionally, it gave me the confidence to feel I could succeed in this industry; and my business has grown exponentially ever since. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this exciting field and can personally say that it is because of Kelly and his books, that I have become a successful and accomplished travel professional”

Vince Yeck, CTA, DS, ACC
Yeck’s Cruise & Travel

ernie-fee“It’s full of wonderful ideas . . .

Like a bible for those just starting out in the business.”

Ernestine Fee
Founder, Seminars at Sea

anna-yott-3“When I first became interested in pursuing a career as a home-based travel agent, I wasn’t even sure I could make a living doing it, and certainly had no clue what the process would consist of or how to get started. By using the advice and tips in the course I was able to chart out a plan and begin contacting host agencies, from there I was able to make an informed and smart decision on which host agency I wanted to work with. This course gave me information on host agencies that I could not find anywhere else, plus helped give me the confidence I needed to actually pursue the job of my dreams! I have been happily working as an independent consultant for two years now and it all started with Kelly’s course.”

Anna Yott , Vacation Planner
Lyons, MI

zenobia-chien100x100“Thank you for writing the course. I did not know anything about the travel business, I just loved to travel. I had read a couple of travel agent ‘how to’ books but none of them explained the way you did. Thanks to your course, I was able to establish my business on my own, join a professional organization, get my travel agent ID and Seller of Travel certifications. “

Zenobia Chien
Zen Vacations
Sacramento, CA

“When I retired I decided that now was the time to pursue my passion ….travel. While we have traveled quite a bit, I realized I needed a better understanding of the travel industry. I definitely recommend your “Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course” to someone considering a career as a home-based travel agent as a resource to help them get started and to realize there is a lot to being a travel agent that they may not have been aware of. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting the course together.”

Charlotte McCarthy
Centerville, OH

Knowledge Is Power (Not To Mention Money In Your Pocket)

As with so many other things in life, the secret to success as a home-based travel agent is finding out how others have achieved success before you, and then modeling your own career on theirs.

The alternative is trial and error, which is not only time-consuming but can be very, very costly. Some host agencies charge thousands of dollars to become one of their outside sales representatives. If you discover that you don’t like working with them, too bad. Your money is gone. Like I said, these companies are not Land’s End or Nordstrom’s. Most of them have no “money-back guarantee.”

Save yourself the time, the agony, and the money! Arm yourself with the unbiased knowledge and insider secrets you get when you invest in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. This powerful home study course has already launched thousands of home-based travel careers.Home-Based Travel Agent Training


Over 850 information-packed pages that will transform the beginner into a seasoned professional and a savvy businessperson.

And these aren’t printed in big type with wide margins like other home study courses you may have seen. The four-volume Home-Based Travel Agent Success Manual alone is over 100,000 words long. When I say information-packed, I mean packed.

People pay anywhere from $800 to $1,200 for travel school training programs and still don’t get the streetwise, real-world savvy and understanding available in this home study course.

Because I am home-based and avoid all the high overhead of the travel schools, the full retail price of my home study course is just $309. I think you’ll agree with me that’s an incredible bargain for what you’re getting.

Special Internet Offer

But it gets better. For a limited time, I am offering the course at a special introductory price of just $197.

Home-Based Travel Agent Training

When you place your order, you will receive instant access to the course in electronic format (PDF).

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Then, within 48 hours, the complete seven-module printed version will be shipped to you.

Want To Save Even More Money?

In my home study course, I pride myself on showing you the absolutely least expensive way to accomplish all your goals as a home-based travel agent. So in that spirit, I am making this ultra-low-cost offer.

Get the electronic-only version of the course for just $139

Home-Based Travel Agent Training

You get the same lifetime access to all future updates, but you save me the hassle and expense of shipping you the printed books. You can print out the course for your personal use. Or you can email it to your Kindle account!

Whichever option you choose, I also insist that you get the course entirely at my risk.

Try it out for as long as you like.

Absorb the materials, start your business, follow the strategies in the course.

If you find that my home study course doesn’t do what it promises — help you set up and succeed in your own home travel agency business — just return the printed materials (if you ordered them) and I will completely refund your purchase price.


This is not one of those quickie 15- or 30-day “free examinations,” but an unconditional, lifetime money-back guarantee. That’s how confidant I am that I can deliver the information you need.

On top of that, if you order TODAY, I will include FREE these valuable bonuses, just for trying out the home study course.

  • Bonus #1 (a $67 Value)

    The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make.
    Most failures by home-based travel agents can be traced to the fact that they never learned this lesson. Don’t let it happen to you! Take this video training to heart and you will be way ahead of most start-up home-based travel marketing businesses.

  • Bonus #2 (a $17 Value)

    A FREE copy of Air Travel’s Bargain Basement.
    Consolidators are specialists in discounted international and domestic airline tickets. Once you have mastered the home study course, you will be able to buy airline tickets at the ultra-low “net fares” reserved for travel agents. Use them yourself, or sell them for whatever the traffic will bear. With consolidator tickets you can write your own commission check!

  • Bonus # 3 (a $149 Value)

    My private compilation of Supplier Websites
    Just open these documents in your favorite web browser and launch yourself into cyberspace with my personal collection of supplier websites. It’s the most complete available anywhere. The world’s airlines, rental car companies, hotel chains, cruise lines, tour operators — they’re all here. It took me weeks of research to compile this resource and it’s yours FREE.

  • Bonus #4 (a $49 Value)

    Canadian Supplement
    Additional information for our friends to the North, including more Canadian host agency contacts, Canadian airlines, Canadian airports, Canadian travel media, and (very important!) Canadian airline consolidators. (U.S. agents will want to look at this, too.)

BUT PLEASE HURRY!! I have been under considerable pressure to raise the price of the home-study course. But I am holding the line — for now. So, please order TODAY. When the price goes up, it goes up for good, and it will be too late to lock in this low price.

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So take your pick . . .

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Remember, this is not one of those “get-rich-quick” or “get-something-for-nothing” schemes. This is a serious home study course about a serious business that can make you some serious money. So, if you’re looking for one of those deals that promises “make $2,000 a week in your sleep without selling anything” (Hah! What a laugh that is!), then please do not order this course. If you want to give your money away, at least give it to a reputable charity where it will do some good.

But if you are serious about travel and making money at home, please give my offer serious consideration. Not only do you have nothing to lose (thanks to my ironclad guarantee) but for such a modest investment you can’t lose anyway.

Even if you are just planning to sell travel on a casual basis so you and your family can travel in style, this course will more than pay for itself very quickly.

And if you’re looking for a full-time, moneymaking career, the investment in this course is an incredible bargain.

Don’t put it off. Order today. Change your life for the better.

To your success,

Kelly Monaghan

The Intrepid Traveler, POB 531, Branford, CT 06405 (203) 469-0214

P.S. You have to hurry though if you want to lock in your massive savings of almost $500 – because I’m under a considerable pressure to raise the price to match the retail price and stop giving away free bonuses to online orders! 

P.P.S. Remember – the fact that people have started to prefer travel agents again over booking everything themselves online doesn’t mean that you can be unprepared! Instead you should hone your edge and lay a secure foundation to your business – and this course gives you step-by-step instructions and explains everything you need to know to become a successful home-based travel agent!

P.P.P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a part time income or are ready to create a multi-million dollar business – I’m giving you a solid course that thousands of others have already used to achieve their goals as home-based travel agents!