Group Health Insurance For Travel Agents


The Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) has announced that it will begin offering group health insurance to its members via an agreement with a “professional logistics trade organization.” The buying power of a large association can mean significant savings for independent contractors, like home-based travel agents, who must purchase health care coverage on the open market.

The enrollment period is from January 10 to February 15, 2013 and the offer is available only to OSSN members.

Those of you who have my Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course know that OSSN is the largest (and IMHO the best) professional organization representing home-based travel agents. This offer is yet another reason to join.

I am pleased to be able to offer readers of this blog a discount on OSSN membership. Read on to learn more about that and the health insurance offer.

You can download a discounted membership application form here.

The health plans being offered through OSSN are “guarantee issue,” which means that there is no medical exam required and pre-existing conditions will be covered. According to OSSN, “The benefits available to you include medical coverage (doctors’ visits, out-patient diagnostic, hospital, surgery, etc.), dental insurance (two plans to choose from), disability protection (provides up to $2,500 monthly income for accident or sickness), term life (up to $100,000 with no medical exams necessary), permanent whole life (up to $200,000 with no medical exams necessary), and cancer and critical illness enhancements (additional coverage for serious illnesses). Premiums will be conveniently handled through a monthly bank draft/ACH.”

I can’t personally vouch for the program, so you will have to examine the offering carefully to make sure it makes sense for you and your family.

But the first step is to join OSSN. Even if you do not wind up opting for the health coverage, you will be a member of a fine organization that will be a major source of support and continuing education as you build your travel agency at home.

I discuss the many benefits of OSSN membership in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. If you don’t yet have the course, you can remedy that by clicking here.

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