A New Use For Google Street View


A Canadian design firm has delved into Google Street View and come up with something pretty nifty. By stitching together images lifted from Google and doing what I can only assume was a massive amount of massaging they have created impressive time lapse films of scenic drives. They call it Hyperlapse. Take a look.

An article about the technology on Skift noted …

As the film was made using images from Street View, the team behind it believes others will want to use Google’s unlimited database of source material to edit similar films which could become inspirational tools for travellers.

Indeed! I can see some nifty uses for this technique. How about a tour of Paris’ 5th arrondissement? Or a drive along New York’s Broadway from the bottom to the top of Manhattan? Of course, how many travel agents have the technical expertise to pull it off? I sure don’t.

I also find it rather delicious that someone has found a potential way to make money using Google’s content. Turnabout is, after all, fair play.

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