What About A Franchise?


Here’s yet another question. (Must be spring!)

I bought your home based travel agent book a few years ago in a book store and now I’m considering actually starting a home based travel business. Anyway I’m also considering a travel agency franchise. Do you cover that in your training class as well?

Wow! You must have bought the book quite awhile ago, since it’s now about seven years out of date! The new course never goes out of date because it is updated on an ongoing basis and those who invest in it have access to all future updates.

But good for you on making the decision to move forward!

The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course covers every variety of home-travel configuration there is, including some that don’t involve being in a home office. A franchise is just one of many options and it may not be the best choice for you. Then again, it might be exactly the right choice for you.

You see, the course is designed to teach you how the travel distribution business really works. It doesn’t advocate for one approach over another. Instead, my goal is to describe all your options in a dispassionate way so you can make the decisions that are right for you. Not for me or the next guy. For you.

I will make this comment about franchises, though. They are expensive. (But you probably know that already.)

Some people feel that if they spend a lot of money on something it shows they are “serious” and that the considerable investment they have made will encourage them to work hard(er). However, building a successful travel business takes time and while you are doing that, every month a big chunk of your investment capital will be going to the franchisor with relatively little commission income coming to you, the franchisee.

My bias is to encourage those who invest in the course to spend as little as possible at the outset. Indeed, it’s a good business practice to watch your expenditures at every step of your development! There’s nothing wrong with starting small, learning the ropes, and then switching to a more expensive structure (franchises are only one of your options) when you know you’ll be able to hit the ground running and realize a return on your investment in a shorter period of time, perhaps in months rather than years.

Please understand. I have nothing against franchises and for all I know a franchise might be the best choice for you right now, especially if you have a solid background in business and know how to create a business plan and read a balance sheet.

Whatever type of structure you eventually adopt, the course contains a very important module called the Host Agency Directory. It contains information on over 300 host agencies, including many franchise operations. The competitive intelligence it contains is worth the price of the course alone and it will be an invaluable resource in guiding you to a wise choice.

It won’t make the choice for you! But, along with the street-smart information in the rest of the course, it will shorten and simplify the search process considerably.

If you’re truly serious about staring off on the right foot, CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom.

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