The Fax Machine Is Dead

Fax machine R.I.P.


One of the items on my to-do list is to revise the section of the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course that deals with office machines. It will probably take me a bit of time to get to that little chore, so in the meantime let me boil down the important fact to a simple statement: The fax machine is dead.

Well, probably not. There’s one in my office that doesn’t do much beside collect dust, but today it’s perfectly possible to do without one. If you are just starting out (and don’t already happen to have one lying around), I suggest that you not bother.

Now it’s true that some host agencies still require a “dedicated” fax line and a fax machine, but there are Internet-based workarounds that work just fine. If you are investigating one of these hosts, ask them if Internet-based fax will work for them. If not, you have the choice to look elsewhere — and the Host Agency Directory, part of the Home-Based Travel Agency Success Course, lists over 300 host agencies — or bite the bullet and buy a fax machine.

One reason my fax machine is still hooked up, even though I seldom use it, is that I like the convenience of the second phone line. But there are ways around that, too. Think Skype. And if you are just starting out, a second phone line is an unnecessary extravagance.

Of course, there will still be expenses associated with the fax-less future. You’ll almost certainly need a scanner, so you can turn paper documents into PDFs, which can be emailed. Fortunately, scanners are cheap these days.

I’ll lay out all the options in the revised section on office machines, including suggestions for Internet-based alternatives. If you have the course, you’ll get an email when the new version is “live.”

If you don’t have the course, you should know that once you invest in it you will have ongoing access to all future revisions to the course, in electronic form. For more information on the course, click here.

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