Event Tickets and Travel Agents

Event tickets and travel agents


Here’s a question I received from Thelma:

I want to be an event planner, which will include group trips to football games, plays and other places.  Will this course tell me how to obtain tickets to these events?

Thelma, there are literally tens of thousands of “travel products” and sports tickets. play tickets, and so forth are among them, along with more commonly thought of things like rental cars, hotels, and cruise tickets. Because there are so many it would be impossible to list all sources for all products in the course.

But these are easy things to source. When you have completed the course, you will have the know-how you need to get a line on virtually any travel product you can think of.  The Travel Agent’s Complete Desk Reference contains listings of hundreds of suppliers including those for event tickets. If you invest in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course you will be able to get it at a substantial discount.

Update: The Travel Agent’s Complete Desk Reference is now out of print.

However, the most important thing to learn is how the business really works. Once you have that understanding you will be able to apply it to any business model you want.

By the way, you are way ahead of the game. You have settled on a specialty that (I’m assuming) excites you and that you have a passion for. Your particular specialty of choice has a lot of intriguing possibilities. You can arrange short-range trips — to nearby cities to see big games or theatrical events — or long-range trips for things like the Super Bowl. There are tour operators out there that are easy to locate and that can help you with all the “messy” details so you can focus your attention on where the money is — marketing!

Good luck!

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