Emergency Abroad. Who Ya Gonna Call?

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If your clients encounter an emergency abroad it can be a profoundly unsettling experience.

Of course, you have sold everyone you send on any trip, overseas or not, appropriate travel insurance. You have haven’t you?

Good. That way, when an emergency abroad happens, your clients will have protection. However, any emergency abroad will require immediate assistance, before that travel insurance clicks in.

So who ya gonna call?

Emergency abroad? It isn’t always 911

Here in the United States, 911 is the number to call for any and all emergencies. In the case of an emergency abroad, 911 will not always work.

Actually, the emergency number is 911 in quite a few countries. Canada, Brazil and most of the countries in the Caribbean and Central America use 911, although Mexico uses 065 for ambulances, 068 for fire, and 060 for the police.

In Europe, most — but not all — countries use 112 for all emergencies. Elsewhere it’s anyone’s guess.

As a thoughtful travel agent, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by providing your clients with the appropriate emergency numbers for the countries they will be visiting. Encourage them to put these numbers in their cell phone before departure.

But how can you know which numbers work in which countries? I’m glad you asked because the U.S. State Department has you covered. Here’s the link: 911 Abroad.

Lessons learned

If you’ve been a travel agent for any length of time, you know that stuff happens. Even to nice people. Even to nice people on vacation.

While you can’t guarantee your client won’t have an emergency abroad, you can take steps to cushion the blow should something go wrong.

It’s called travel insurance and there’s a entire section devoted to the topic in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course.

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If doing the right thing by your client isn’t enough of an incentive to encourage you to learn the ins and outs, the tips and techniques for selling travel insurance maybe I should mention that travel insurance not only has the highest commission rates in the industry but it is an easy ‘sell’ — if you do it right.

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