This site was created for travel agents. Travel agents receive commissions for recommending travel products and booking them for their clients. This is a time-honored and perfectly honest business practice. I see nothing wrong with that.

But out of an abundance of caution and to comply to the best of my ability with guidelines laid out by the Federal Trade Commission, I make the following disclosures:

Therefore, I have no problem in receiving compensation for recommending products or services which I, in good faith, believe will benefit the readers of this website.

Readers should assume that any link on this website that leads to a site offering a product, service, or membership will result in a payment to the owner of this site should a visit to that site result in an exchange of money.

If I receive any consideration for anything I write about on this site (a review copy of a book about the travel industry, a complimentary trip to a luxury resort, etc.) I will disclose that fact when writing about it. In the case of review copies, I am under no obligation to write a review simply because some one has sent me a book or a piece of software for my evaluation. Better to query first, to judge my level of interest.

I do not sell links or publish “guest posts” because someone offers to pay me, so please don’t ask.

If I’ve forgotten anything you think I should disclose, feel free to let me know.

Kelly Monaghan, CTC