Congress Hates Your Clients

unhappy client


The bozos … <cough, cough> … I mean the distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the United States Senate have reaffirmed their hatred for Americans who, unlike them, are condemned to fly in coach.

An amendment to H.R. 636 would have required airlines to give passengers larger seats and more legroom. But by a vote of 54-42, the sadistic bastards … <cough, cough> … I mean the solomonic legislators decided that we have not been sufficiently tortured by the airline industry and voted the amendment down. Thanks to them, the airlines will be able to continue cramming ever more rows of ever smaller seats into their always overbooked aircraft.

As fellow travel agents, I would encourage you to examine the dis-honor roll of senators who voted against the comfort of your clients.

Feel free to write, telephone, or tweet them your displeasure. Better yet, throw the bums out of office! Many of them (but, alas, not all) will be on the ballot in November.

Congress Hates Your Clients was last modified: April 8th, 2016 by Kelly Monaghan