What’s On YOUR Clients’ Bucket Lists?

Bucket lists and the home-based travel agent


USA Today ran an interesting article on what’s on people’s “bucket lists”, those lists of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.”

Even more interesting, it was based on a survey of 250 travel agents who were asked to poll their clients. They also added their own ideas.

The top four destinations were Machu Picchu, Antarctica, The Great Wall of China, and an African safari. Hawaii and Alaska were tied for fifth place. Notice that the first four are all high-ticket items and Alaska and Hawaii can be. High ticket = high commission. Other places mentioned included Mt. Kilimanjaro, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and sailing on the world’s largest cruise ship.

Given the source (travel agents), my guess is that this is a pretty accurate picture of bucket lists across the country. Most of the places mentioned are on my bucket list . . . or were until I scratched them off as “Mission Completed”.

Still, I think it would be a very valuable exercise to ask your clients what’s on their bucket lists. If you’re just starting out with my course, you can start asking friends, family, and potential future clients. It might turn out that travel bucket lists differ somewhat from place to place.

This is also a good way to promote your agency. Why not post a local bucket list on your web site, explaining that it was compiled from input by folks in your area. You could even include a mechanism for people to participate in the survey. Increasing interactivity is a classic way to make your site “sticky.” Then you can update the list periodically and Tweet about it.

I’d love to hear from those who try this out.

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