I Don’t Want To Sell Cruises

sell cruises

“But I don’t want to sell just cruises” by Kelly Monaghan That was the complaint I received recently from a would-be home-based travel agent. I was confused because nowhere is it written that a home-based travel agent can sell only cruises. (Although many of them do just that!) A few questions cleared up my confusion.…

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It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Travel Dream

Never too late to become a travel agent

by Kelly Monaghan I’ve always maintained that age is no barrier to success as a travel agent. In fact, being a home-based travel agent is a great second (or third, or fourth) career for those contemplating retirement. So if you are of <ahem> a certain age and are wondering if becoming a travel agent is…

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Congress Hates Your Clients

unhappy client

by Kelly Monaghan The bozos … <cough, cough> … I mean the distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the United States Senate have reaffirmed their hatred for Americans who, unlike them, are condemned to fly in coach. An amendment to H.R. 636 would have required airlines to give passengers larger seats and more legroom. But by…

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Handy Hotel Reference Tool [Infographic]

hotel reference tool

Hotel Facts at Your Fingertips by Kelly Monaghan I like hotels. After all these years, I still have the same sense of fun and adventure that I had as a kid whenever I enter a fancy hotel with all sorts of cool amenities. But I especially enjoy the way hotels can add a nice steady…

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Follow Me On Google Plus

By Kelly Monaghan I invite you to follow me on Google+, which is poised to give Facebook quote a run for its money! I hope to use this new social media platform as a more informal venue in which to share information and discuss trends. So join the conversation. Simply click here. If you are…

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