Emergency Abroad. Who Ya Gonna Call?

homer's emergency

by Kelly Monaghan If your clients encounter an emergency abroad it can be a profoundly unsettling experience. Of course, you have sold everyone you send on any trip, overseas or not, appropriate travel insurance. You have haven’t you? Good. That way, when an emergency abroad happens, your clients will have protection. However, any emergency abroad…

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Marketing Travel To Boomers (NSFW)

Marketing Travel To Boomers Can Be Sexy by Kelly Monaghan I’m a big believer in marketing travel to boomers. Maybe that’s because I’m a boomer myself. But it’s also because baby boomers are a big . . . no, make that a huge chunk of the traveling public. There are many ways to appeal to…

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You Can’t Trust TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor article

TripAdvisor doesn’t even pretend to be trusted anymore. by Kelly Monaghan I simply do not trust TripAdvisor. Maybe you feel the same way. Trouble is, many of your clients do trust TripAdvisor. In fact they may think it is their best source of travel information. I have been thinking for some time that maybe I…

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The Lure of Luxury Travel

luxury travel in the haven

by Kelly Monaghan Luxury travel is one of my favorite specialties and it’s getting a lot of attention these days. Of course there are many ways to specialize as a home-based travel agent — by destination, by mode of transportation, by activity, by demographics, by psychographics, the list goes on. But luxury travel has a…

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Boarding Passes – What To Tell Your Clients

boarding passes image

Boarding Passes Contain Sensitive Information by Kelly Monaghan Boarding passes may seem like just another bit of junk paper to toss as soon as they’ve served their purpose, but those boarding passes contain information that can be useful to bad guys and harmful to you. The vulnerability in these passes lies in that QR code, the…

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How To Be A Bad Travel Agent

The 10-Step Guide To Doing Everything Wrong by Kelly Monaghan Veteran travel industry journalist James Shillinglaw of Travel Market Report has created a sort of Baedecker to common errors that travel agents make again and again. Even good agents make some of these errors some of the time, so listening to Shillinglaw’s observations is a good idea,…

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Social Media Tips: What’s The Best Time To Post?

Social Media Tips on Timing by Kelly Monaghan Social media is like a cocktail party, they say. It’s a time to get to know people, not “seal the deal.” So all the experts agree that when it comes to posting on social media your strategy should be the same as at a cocktail party: Be…

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Personalization and the Home-Based Travel Agent

Personalization is the latest “hot trend” in travel by Kelly Monaghan Personalization is hot. So expect to hear this trendy new buzzword a lot in 2016. The basic idea of “personalization” is that if you (and in this context “you” typically means some big corporate travel supplier or mega website) can get a handle on who…

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What Is A Lead Magnet? And Why Should You Care?

lead magnet

Why Every Travel Agent Website Should Have A Lead Magnet by Kelly Monaghan If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, you’re forgiven. It’s something of a technical term in the Internet marketing field. Simply put, a lead magnet is something of value that is offered “free of charge” to a website visitor in…

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Presenting Travel Products To Your Clients

independent contractors sell

Presenting Travel — A Simple Method by Kelly Monaghan As with so much of what we discuss on this site, presenting the wonderful benefits of the travel products you sell will be a lot easier if you approach the task in a professional and orderly fashion. First of all, let’s define some terms. A “travel…

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