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If getting the best hotel Wi-Fi is important to your clients (and it probably is for most of them), then you will want to check out a study by the website Being able to recommend the best hotel Wi-Fi at a client’s destination will really serve to differentiate you from run-of-the-mill travel agents.

The site looked at major hotel chains around the world and rated both the quality of the Wi-Fi offered and the percentage of properties offering free Wi-Fi. The result is a list of the best hotel Wi-Fi in two crucial dimensions.


This family needs the best hotel Wi-Fi. (Source: Tnooz)

Some chains (I’m looking at you, Marriott!) have come in for criticism because they charge for Wi-Fi, a service more and more travelers expect to be “free” (that is, included in the room rate).

But Marriott has the best hotel Wi-Fi in the United States!  Your clients might decide that the extra charge is worth it — if they know the facts.

And surprisingly, Marriott also offers free Wi-Fi in 16.7% of its properties. Which ones, alas, are not reported.

Hyatt hotels are rated only slightly lower than Marriott for Wi-Fi quality, but they offer free Wi-Fi in 100% of their properties.

As you might expect, more upscale hotel chains offer the best hotel Wi-Fi quality. But moderate and budget chains ranked remarkably well. Super 8 was number six in the US rankings and they offer free Wi-Fi in 93% of their properties.

It was followed by other moderate and budget chains: Comfort Suites, Quality, Holiday Inn Express, and so on.

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Behind the Best Hotel Wifi Rankings

The report needs to be taken as an approximation, rather than an exact science. Here is how HotelWifiTest describes its quality measurements for determining best hotel Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Quality is expressed by the percentage of hotels that offer adequate Wi-Fi quality in a given geographical area… a hotel judged as having adequate Wi-Fi must provide an expected download speed of at least 3 Mbps (the Netflix recommendation for SD-quality streaming) and an upload speed of 500 kbps (the Skype recommendation for high-quality non-HD video calling).

And here are the caveats for the free Wi-Fi ratings:

The Free Wi-Fi percentage is calculated as a ratio of hotels that offer free in-room Wi-Fi to all hotels for which the Wi-Fi price structure and availability is known. In our view, hotel Wi-Fi is a synonym for in-room Wi-Fi; therefore, hotels that offer free Wi-Fi only in public areas are not counted as hotels with free Wi-Fi. Some hotels provide free Wi-Fi for members of their loyalty programs, but require regular guests to pay for Wi-Fi. We don’t count this as free Wi-Fi.

The site lists worldwide results (Nordic Choice, a low-price Scandinavian chain that is part of the US-based Choice Hotels group, comes out on top) and then breaks out the results for the US, Europe, and Asia. You can click through to see complete rankings for all areas.

Nordic has the best hotel wifi in Europe

A Nordic Choice hotel in Sunne, Sweden. (Source: Nordic Choice)

All in all, a handy reference when you are helping a client decide on the property with the best hotel Wi-Fi for their needs.

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