Why Being a Travel Agent Is Such a Great Business

Being a travel agent means low overhead and no inventory


Why do I think being a travel agent — a home-based travel agent! — is such a great business opportunity?

Yeah, yeah, I know. You love to travel and, yes, travel agents have plenty of outstanding opportunities to expand their travel horizons. That’s great.

But I’m talking business opportunity here. So let’s review a few facts that make being a travel agent a far superior business choice to so many others.

Being a travel agent means helping people

Being a travel agent means plenty of help from suppliers

Being a travel agent means no inventory

If you want to sell hot dogs, you have to buy a bunch of them first. If you want to sell a dress, you have you invest in rack full of them. If you want to sell Amway products, you have to commit to buying a garage-full – every month!

If you want to sell a $10,000 luxury cruise you have to buy precisely nothing!

Being a travel agent means low overhead

Not only do you not have to lay out a big chunk of change on inventory, you don’t have to rent or build commercial space, like the hot dog vendors and boutique clothing stores have to. Heck, even “traditional” bricks-and-mortar travel agencies have to cover major rent bills before they can even think of turning a profit. As a home-based agent, you have an enormous advantage.

Being a travel agent means you can match every one of your competitors

The hot dog vendor may not have those foot-long, all-beef, gourmet wieners. The dress boutique may not be able to help the woman looking for a Dior or a Versace. But as a home-based travel agent, you can sell every travel product offered by the mega-agencies.

Being a travel agent means you can sell to virtually everyone … anywhere

If you’re selling hot dogs, you can forget about the health nuts. If you’re selling dresses you won’t be selling to men. But a travel agent can sell to everyone. Yes, some prospects will be eliminated by things like budget, but there is no one you can’t sell to simply because of who they are or what their interests are. And thanks to the reach of the Internet, your customers don’t have to live in your hometown.

Being a travel agent means your market is gi-normous

There are 350 million people in the United States, seven billion in the entire world. That’s a lot of prospects. Yes, obviously, you can’t sell to them all. But it’s easier to find someone to sell travel to than to try to unload that size two cocktail dress that’s gathering dust in your boutique.

Being a travel agent means the Internet has become your friend, not a threat

I’ve been around long enough to see the novelty of booking travel online wear off. People are starting to realize that, no, you can’t always get the best price on the ‘Net. They’ve also learned that you sometimes get what you pay for. For example, “cheap” cabins on a cruise are usually the worst cabins on the ship. Ditto for “bargain” hotel rates.

On the other hand, travel agents are now seeing prospects who have done some initial research online looking for a professional to guide them to the best decision. People are catching on. They want to get past the hype and the BS and talk to a real person they can trust. It’s a perfect example of high-tech/high-touch.

Being a travel agent means helping people

It’s hard to explain, to those who have not experienced it, the satisfaction to be gained by helping people have a knock-your-socks-off travel experience. But trust me, it’s a rush. Even if you’re just sending a couple off for an inexpensive weekend getaway, if you do it right they’ll love you for it.

Being a travel agent lets you expand your own travel horizons

Okay, I said I was going to concentrate on the business side of the equation, but I just can’t resist this. Besides, it is sorta business-y. When you become a travel agent virtually all your travel is a business necessity (Disclaimer: Always check with your lawyer and/or accountant before writing off any travel expenses!). Checking out new destinations, taking fam trips with suppliers, participating in seminars at sea, accompanying your own groups on luxury cruises and exotic tours, it’s all part of the “job.”

So what’s holding you back from being a travel agent?

If you’re looking for a full-time career change. Or a fun part-time avocation that will underwrite your own travel. Or something to do in retirement. Or a way to make money while staying home with your new baby. Then why aren’t you jumping into the travel business?

The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course will show you exactly what you need to know and do to become successful, without spending a small fortune. And if you don’t think it delivers on that promise, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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