About That Book On Amazon

By Kelly Monaghan

I recently received an email from someone asking me for free advice about a business idea. He said he was interested in investing in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course, but was considering buying one of my books he saw on Amazon because, after all, it looked similar and was cheaper.

Two points:

First, if you are now or plan on becoming a home-based travel agent, please, please, please NEVER approach Supplier A for assistance and then mention that you might very well take your business to Supplier B or C because they seem to offer pretty much the same thing for less money. That is no way to win share of mind with your colleagues in the industry.

Now in my correspondent’s defense, he might not have known that if he purchases a long out of print book on Amazon I will receive zero financial benefit. But even so, how was this supposed to make me feel?

It didn’t make me feel much like answering his question, that’s for sure. But let me share with you what I shared with him about that book on Amazon.

Back in 2005, I brought out the last edition of a book called (surprise, surprise) “Home-Based Travel Agent.” It bears a 2006 copyright date.

A good deal of what is in that book is contained in The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. While the industry has changed in the past six years much remains the same.

However a great deal has changed and that is all reflected in the latest version of the course. In addition, there is a great deal of information in the new course that was not in that book, including entire chapters on such things as travel insurance and group sales.

There are three entire modules of The Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course that were never included in that book, including the Host Agency Directory that contains information on over 300 host agencies.

Another important fact of which my correspondent may have been unaware is that everyone who invests in the new version of the course will have ongoing access to all future updates to the course. The Host Agency Directory is usually updated several times a year. The module that deals with establishing your own entirely independent travel agency (that is, without using a host agency) was updated earlier this month.

(I should point out, just to avoid confusion, that course updates are available in electronic form only. In other words, if you opt for the printed version of the course you will not receive printed updates.)

So that about covers it. Now the choice is yours. If you want the latest version of the course with ongoing access to all future updates, please click here.

About That Book On Amazon was last modified: October 26th, 2015 by Kelly Monaghan