Some Good Advice On Dealing With Airline Tickets


takeoffAs those of you who have my Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course know I advise that home-based agents sell airline tickets (or “air,” as most travel agents call it) only under very specific circumstances.

Some home-based agents simply never sell air unless it’s part of a package. At the other end of the spectrum are home-basers who do a major portion of their business in corporate travel, where air is a must.

But there are many wrinkles and permutations in how home-based agents choose to deal with the whole issue of air.

So I was struck by these comments by Barbara Stevens in a recent OSSN discussion.

I stopped using GDSs years ago, so for domestic bookings I use the airlines’ web sites and charge a fee. However, I waive all fees for emergency or bereavement travel or if someone is unemployed and traveling for a job interview. The latter group also gets a small ‘Good Luck on Your Interview’ amenity when they arrive at their hotel room. Just my way of giving back.

Now that’s what’s called great customer service. Good on you, Barbara! And something for the rest of us to consider.

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