Travel Agent Commissions – Only 10 Percent?

Travel agent commissions can be higher than 10 percent


Some people considering a home-based travel agent career have a vague idea that the standard commission is 10 percent and that they have to share that with a host agency. Sometimes they have to share 50 percent or more! Then they start to think that there really isn’t enough money in this game to make it worth their while.

How wrong they are!

First of all, that “standard” 10 percent commission is only standard for people who don’t know how the industry works. Many home-based agents book trips that come with 16 percent percent travel agent commissions or higher. This is the result of what the industry calls “overrides” based on volume. They may have to share that with a host, but it’s fairly easy to find a host that will give you 80 percent or more of the commission. Getting 100 percent of those larger commissions is also possible, even with a host. The course shows you exactly how to pull that off and tells you which hosts offer the highest commission splits.

There are some products that never offer overrides. They will always pay a flat 10 percent or even 5 percent. So why book them through a host when it is so easy to book them directly with the supplier? Of course, you have to know how.

Then there are some travel products that offer commissions of 30 percent or more and there is absolutely no need to go through a host to collect them. It all goes directly into your pocket. There’s a whole chapter on it in the course.

There are other ways to add to your bottom line. Many travel agents charge an hourly fee to help clients plan out their vacations, recommending city itineraries, apartment rentals, restaurants, and such that are non-commissionable. And they still get commissions on other elements of the trip.

Smart agents charge a so-called “plan to go fee,” which is applied to the eventual cost of a trip, but if the prospect backs out, that fee compensates the agent for the time already invested.

So don’t let limited information about how the business really works deter you. Learn the facts and prosper.

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